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Admission season is at peak. There is a tough competition to get admission in the best educational institutes both within and outside Assam. But for some it becomes so easy for their outstanding performance to get admitted to their desired institute. Jesreena Chowdhury here talks to one of the most promising and brilliant student, Rinkle Jain

Jesreena: First of all, congratulations to you for getting the 312th rank all over India for JEE Advance 2015 exam!
Rinkle: Thank you so much.

Jesreena:  So how does it feel to get 312th rank in all over India?

Rinkle:  Aah! Well, it feels great! (laughs)

Jesreena: From where did you do your schooling?

Rinkle: I studied till 10th in Holy Child and +2 from Don Bosco.

Jesreena: As we know that, Concept education has been a very important part of your success, so what do you have to say about it?

Rinkle: Well, that’s true. Concept education has given me the platform where I could learn so much, gain confidence of what I was going to do. All the faculty members were very supportive and helpful. I’m very much grateful to them.

Jesreena: So tell us how much time did you give to your studies?

Rinkle: There was no such regular plan. I knew how much to cover up every day, after coming from school and institution. It was just that I was very much regular.

Jesreena: So how did you balance your studies along with your other activities like socializing?

Rinkle: Well, there was no such time limit or time table set for maintaining my social activities. I used to surf net whenever I got time. And socializing live with people, I used to do that only on Sundays!

Jesreena: From where did you get inspiration?

Rinkle: Well, every day, every small thing teaches us something or the other. We get inspiration every day I suppose, from every person we meet, from every little thing.


Jesreena: Anyone out there who always motivated you?
Rinkle: Yeah off course! My brother, he has always been around me like a positive energy. He kept on telling me that I can do it, I will succeed.  And yes I did it.

Jesreena: So what are your plans now for your further study?

Rinkle:  Well, I guess I’ll be doing B. Tech in computer science.

Jesreena: Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?
Rinkle:    Umm.., may be  I would become a corporator, I don’t know actually. Let’s see.

Jesreena:  Today’s youth spend much time on surfing internet, especially social sites and apps like facebook, whatsapp. What do you’ve to say on that?

Rinkle:  Umm.., actually it all depends on person to person, that how he or she uses it. I feel it’s very important. You get a lot of information and updates about many things which is related to education. And whatsapp can be used for educational purposes, like sending notes through pictures, voice notes, etc. And I feel these sites and apps are somewhat like stress busters. After you’re done with your studies, when you get exhausted, these are the only mediums through which you get to spend or share things with your dear and near ones. So I feel it’s important to every individual’s life.

Jesreena:  What message do you want to give to your juniors who will appear for the same JEE advance?
 That they should be regular and not be nervous at all during exam. Nervousness leads to confusion. So they all should be very much confident. And maintaining regularity would be the key of success for them.

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