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Banashree C. Chakrabarty

When it comes to fashion and style, North-East is considered to be a major fashion hub, where being stylish and trendy is a major part of the lives of the residents of this region. This passion to cater to the fashion crazy population have often been witnessed in the emergence of impeccable and brilliant designers from the region, who have made to various stages both nationally and internationally and made us proud. Along with that, many dynamic designers have also proved themselves with a fresh wave style and elegance that holds a great future for the fashion enthusiasts in the region.

Hence, we take this opportunity to have a conversation with a very talented designer, Ms. Santashree Mallik Bhuyan, brain behind the fashion boutique Hansini situated in Christian Basti, Guwahati. Along with being a designer, this full time Lecturer and a dedicated mother and wife, shares her views and enthusiasm to give and do something for the existing fashion industry in Assam.

  • Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

 Actually this was by chance. I m a lecturer by profession, but I had a tendency to make designed dresses worn by me as well as my relatives since my childhood. I could understand I had a weakness for fashion, you can say it was in my blood. I started my work professionally in 2007 with Assamese traditional wear paat / muga. I took actress Gitabali Rajkumari as my model and some of my designs were published in Priyo Sakhi, a renowned Assamese magazine.

  • What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

The most favourite and interesting part of fashion designing is that you can express yourself -your creativity, your passion, your satisfaction. You can innovate. In short you can do anything you like

  • What were your inspirations for the designs?

My inspiration was the weavers weaving traditional clothes in traditionally built weaving machines and at the same time the style of Mughal era inspires me a lot


  • Tell us something about your new collections.

This is summer, so the dresses we are making basically are based on cotton, linen and light weight Khadi materials.





  • Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste? Can you describe your style?

I believe in women empowerment so I believe in power dress. Simple cuts, neutral colour and minimal accessories. This is my style you can say.


  • Who’s your most influential fashion designer?

Neeta Lulla, the famous designer who created or designed dresses for over 100 Bollywood movies.



  • Can you give us some tips on colors for summer?

Avoid very dark colours in summer, try to wear light shades like peach, light pink, lemon yellow, royal blue, firoza and certainly white / off white. But you can try orange, its little bit dark but not eye catching. It’s a sunrise as well as sunset colour.

  • Do you have your own artisans and weavers for your creations?  How does the process works?

Yes we have our own artisans and weavers for our creations. We have three units – Stitching, handmade embroidery like Zardosi / Resham work/ zari work/ katha stitch etc., and handloom or weaving section.


  • What is your vision regarding the fashion industry of Northeast in the coming future?

Regarding fashion NE has always been among the noted regions for fashion and style. Right from traditional to new generation fashion, it has tremendous future and scope, because the designs and vibrant colour combinations of NE traditional wear is unique in itself. So we can experiment with a lot of fusion wear, which is highly anticipated in the fashion world today.


  • What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to work for the promotion and development of NE fashion industry. I want every person in this world to know about our traditional and cultural wear and love and adore it in the world stage.


Santashree also states that her designs are different because they are prepared and customized for individuals depending on their body shapes. Her collection offers a wide range of wears for different occasions, right from casual-wear to customized bridal-wear. We wish her all the best for her work and venture. And for all those of you, who are planning to lay your hands on her latest collection, you can visit her boutique Hansini.

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