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Internships are like the cherries on top of the resume. They can make any student stand out in the college, help gain an impressive career resume and can certainly increase a student’s valuable opportunities to discover the professional world first hand. They give you a chance to learn what your best job skills are and which need improvement and also to adjust to different situations that may arise in a working environment. Internship is becoming essential for any job and can offer a lot of experience to students hoping to get ahead in life.

 Coming all the way from  Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, India to do my summer internship in Guwahati, I was lucky enough to be a part of The Mileage family. The Mileage which is a monthly magazine from Guwahati is a source of information that educates and caters to  the needs of the youth of the society. It is one of the most popular and notable youth magazines in the city giving voice to some of the most critical issues linking the younger generation and challenges that comes with the changing dynamics of the modern society.

With a degree in Mass Communication, Interning at the mileage has been a gratifying, challenging, and a total learning experience. The first weeks were intensive as The Mileage, which was launched on 7th of June 2014 by veteran journalist Sushanta Talukdar completed an eventful one year.

Attending the event Enkindle, 2015 which was celebrated to mark the successful one year anniversary of The Mileage magazine was one of the crucial moment of my internship. The event came up with various programs like Mr as Miss Enkindle 2015, mobile film making, literary/ script writing and  photography competition.  The team Mileage has tried their best to provide various platforms for the youths to showcase their talent in the aforesaid events.

Passionate to be a P.R, the colourful and intellectual event gave me ample opportunities to gain practical knowledge and experience that are needed for organizing a media event.

 During the days and my time with The Mileage team, the organization involved me in various tasks that required me to utilize my communication skills. I was able to independently work on projects while learning from the experiences and expertise of the staff from the organization. From news roundup, press event to gain coverage of various issues the task where tough enough to sweat me up but at the end of the day it was a total learning experience.

Not only did they want me to work on my own to grow professionally, but they wanted me to learn and succeed as well. The most beneficial part of my internship at The Mileage was that every day was different and i was exposed to much needed experience that is imperative for any disciple of the journalism and mass communication field. In the end as I adieu my farewell what I take with me is an unforgettable journey of learning experience at The Mileage, with a renewed confidence in self, one point wiser and ready to embark on yet another journey of life.

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