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Scaling New Horizons

The story of Mohesh Ronghang of Karbi Anglong is sure to inspire not only youths but all those who want to make themselves available to fulfill the needs and requirements of the unfortunates living in and around them


Bijoy Ghimire

This young lad of Western part of Karbi Anglong is a true inspiration and the need of the hour in a place where thoughts for the collective good of the society have ceased to flow.  After obtaining his BA degree from Guwahati, Mohesh Ronghang felt a sort of urgency to go back to his native place being disenchanted by other prospective carrier options. ‘A kind of undercurrent surged inside me and I was propelled by this energy to do something worthwhile to my people’, says Mohesh. Taking a meager amount of money from his father as loan, Mohesh laid the foundation of a school named  Sardokpo Ronghang Memorial Academy in the year 2013. Named after his grandfather the school which is located at Theso Terang Village presently has classes from nursery  till class VI. Every subsequent year he is adding higher classes to his school and is leaving no stone unturned to upgrade his school with whatever resources he has in his disposal.

‘My students are the sons and daughters of the poor households living in and around our school. Therefore, the fees specified are affordable’, says Mohesh who seems to be very happy with the growing number of kids enrolling in his school. He has not compromised in the quality of education imparted in the school as he has been able to rope in some of the best teachers of his locality as well as from outside.

‘Initially by the end of the month my greatest challenge was to make payments to my teachers. I used to borrow money on interest from well wishers and make the payments’, grins Mahesh displaying a sense of relief as the situations are better today.

Mohesh being tech savvy has been making optimal usage of the social media platforms and had been posting details about every activity taking place in school since its inception.  His relentless effort in providing quality education to the downtrodden children of his locality irrespective of caste, creed and community finally bore fruit as he was noticed not only by some cultural activists of Karbi Anglong but also by some people living in countries like United Kingdom and Sweden.  Some philanthropists of these countries have donated  Sardokpo Ronghang Memorial Academy towards improving its basic infrastructure. Besides charging minimal fees, Mohesh today provides free education to some children whose parents could hardly manage two square meal a day.

He has built one hostel today to students coming from far off places. And the most striking thing that we could see in Sardokpo is the visiting teachers from different organizations and other higher educational institutions. Mohesh has managed to bring in research scholars from IITG and other respected foundations whereby these scholars take special sessions with these children. The purpose is to give them the exposure about the possibilities of the world outside.  

Forget about the government run schools, Mohesh Ronghang’s school is way ahead than other privately owned educational institutions where the fees are exorbitantly high for the common man’s children to get enrolled.

Mohesh has designed a roadmap which he believes will take his school to another level. He wants to make his students avail all the required educational tools which will make them confident, informed and disciplined so that they need not have to face much difficulty while competing with others in the near future.

Asked if he has received any financial assistance from the district administration, the answer is ‘No’ even though he had once approached one of the administrators of the district council.  

It’s quite ironic to see how oblivious these power hungry so called leaders of this district are to the outstanding works accomplished by this young man, whereas people living in some European nations are taking note of his works and are contributing their bit towards bettering the educational scenario of this part of the world.    





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