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Kum Chirui – a pristine attempt towards unfolding rich Karbi Musical Legacy


Kum Chirui is the unification of old band members who were once creating music for the popular band named Trancemigrate. Though Transmigrate disintegrated mid-way but the music it created still reverberated which paved the way for the formation of yet another outstanding band, that is, Kum  Chirui. The band members kept the music alive since 2000 and worked hard in giving it finesse touch thereby creating soulful EP, the link of which is given below.


Being rooted to their rich Karbi oral traditions, the band members have written the songs in Karbi dialect thereby making it a source of communicating information as it was the easiest tool available. It dissolved boundaries. Kum Chirui believes that music is the best form of storytelling and reiterating the Karbi oral traditions.


‘Music is one of the most important tool to revive the forgotten Karbi trail in the modern world and to keep up with the zenith of civilisation’, says The’ang Teron, the lead vocalist and the song writer of the band.  He further says that, ‘The band’s effort is to capture the reimagination of the old Karbi world in the modern context and also to experiment in recreating the Karbi Music in the walks of modernity’. And it is quite evident that the band is deeply influenced by the Karbi lores and myths.


Here is the EP link  of Kum Chirui

 One can also listen and avail Kum Chirui’s Music from  iTunes , Googleplay , Gaana.com , Saavn.com 



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