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Madhumita Saikia, a well known name in the beauty industry and a pioneer at giving training in make-up and hair style talks to Bijoy Ghimire of THE MILEAGE. An avid reader, writer and also one of the governing members of NSDC , the beauty educationist shares her eventful journey and experiences.

TM: What was that which propelled you to delve deep into the world of beautifying?
Madhumita: Beauty lies in everything. Though I belonged from a small village in Tinsukia, I always had the desire to do something different during my childhood. Once I was fascinated to see the eye make-up of Zeenat Aman in a commercial ad. Gradually I developed an interest in this field and here I am today.

TM: How did Signature Training Centre happen?
Madhumita: It was not planned. I used to be the instructress at ITI for women. After 11 years of service I found some inadequacy and some loopholes in the beautician course curriculum. During that time people looked down upon beautician and this fascinating profession. So, I decided to do something of my own to reorient the perception of the people towards this wonderful field. In the mean time I started writing in different newspapers about different aspects of beauty and keeping oneself healthy. I then left my job and started Signature Training Centre.

TM: Do you have your own beauty products to be used by salons and common people?
Madhumita: We do manufacture some products exclusively to be used by our training centre but we don’t market it elsewhere.

TM: You also have an expertise in Ayurvedic Massage Techniques. Your take on the importance of massage.
Madhumita: My favorite subject is massage. I like giving massage and I like taking massage. Massage is something which soothes you even when you are giving it to someone and the one who is taking it gets de-stressed. It is a two way process. It has aesthetic attributes and is very important.

TM: What is the employability in this sector?
Madhumita: There is huge job prospects in this field. Beauticians today have enormous value and people flock around beauticians. Around 94% trainees get placed after the completion of their respective courses at Signature Training Centre.

TM: Tell us briefly about the remarkable journey of Signature Awards which takes place every year.
Madhumita: Long time back I had conceived an idea about make-up and hair competition and had shared the idea with some of my colleagues and friends. But I was mocked at my idea. And when somebody undermines my ideas and views I take it as a challenge. With some suggestions from my close associates I started this competition some 18 years back which is today popularly known Signature Awards.

TM: Besides being a beauty educationist and a social entrepreneur, you are also a prolific writer. How do you manage time?
Madhumita:(Smiles) I use my time judiciously. And I feel like giving vent to my views and thought process. Besides writing few books on beauty I have written six novels and few more are in the pipeline.

TM: What do you have to say about numerous fashion shows that are being organized these days?
Madhumita: This indeed is a good trend and I am positive about it. People have come forward and have put forward their ideas. Models have got opportunities to showcase their talents. Dress designers have got the opportunity to display their creativity and collections. But these shows will have to be organized more methodically and systematically.

TM: Your advice to all those aspiring youths who want to make mark in the glamour world.
Madhumita: There is no short cut. To sustain in this industry, one should consistently work on those aspects of beauty which are beneficial to the society. One would immediately see his or her downfall in this industry if money becomes the only objective.

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