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Tezpur, April 26: “Public image of a company is in large measure based on how much concern and compassion it has for people at large.” This basic ethos of corporate communications intertwined with the seed of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was stated by the Chairperson of the Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) Guwahati Chapter, Madhuchanda Adhikari.


The seminar on ‘Evolving Public Relations’ held at the Tezpur University on April 26 was organised by the PRSI Guwahati Chapter in collaboration with the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism (MCJ), Tezpur University, as an extended programme of the National Public Relations Day held earlier on April 21.


Addressing the MCJ Department fraternity, Adhikari read out a message from PRSI National President Ajit Pathak on the theme, ‘Better PR for effective CSR.’ Narrating anecdotes from her career as a Corporate Communication Manager, Adhikari also reiterated her firm conviction in JRD Tata’s philosophy – ‘No success in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interest of the country and its people’.


Laying out the finer attributes of corporate gifting as a relationship-building exercise undertaken by all companies, PRSI adviser Nurul I Laskar also stated how corporate gifting could help in the development and sale of our traditional handlooms and handicrafts as a part of company’s CSR activities.



PRSI editor Juhi P Pathak, who is also the author of a book on ‘Media Laws & Ethics’, threw light on the ethical aspect of corporate practices. She spoke on straddling the middle path between the PR practitioner’s ethical values and the requirements of the company in today’s world.


PRSI Vice-Chairperson Hamad Berlashker spurred the future media professionals in the gathering to imbibe the nuances of a true leader to become a great communicator. Espousing Mahatma Gandhi’s mantra of ‘Be the change that you want to see’, he drove home the point that communication encapsulates the basics of/ the truth of a message.


Ruma Chakraborty, who is associated with a radio channel in Guwahati, spoke on the advantages of reaching out to the stakeholders of a company riding on speed and reach that new age media offers. She interspersed her talk with examples of how an organization can ingrain its CSR policy into its very tagline.


Media practitioner Subhamoy Bhattacharjee substantiated his take on crisis management using the tools of communication, which helps as a connect between the community and the organisation.



Television personality Chandrakala Choudhury noted the power of television as a mass medium. Citing examples from our day-to-day life, she claimed that television could transform the lives of its audience.


Communications official Suchira Nandi Purkayastha spoke on the interdisciplinary attributes of corporate social responsibility and brand-building exercise of a company.

Content courtesy: Chandrakala Choudhury

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