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An interview with the budding singer from Assam, Goldie Singh Sohel, who is making inroads to Bollywood

Paridhi Agarwal

Q. You are a popular name in the city and now you are also spreading your wings. How is your experience in Mumbai?

Goldie: – Mumbai was good! Bad! Fun! Struggling! Every new work involves struggling. So that is Mumbai for me.

Q. Would you like to share your experience of being in Mumbai or any moment?

Goldie: – (Chuckles) Yeah! There was this one incident that happened in front of me. I was at my debut music launch and an actress out of nowhere slapped a director (names cannot be mentioned). Immediately, I called my friend and had a good laugh! I mean no offence to the actress or director. But, I have never faced such things ever in my life. It was so funny…

Q. Your pumpkin song was a hit number, what was the reason behind the song ‘pumpkin’?

Goldie: – In the ‘Pumpkin’ song, I imagined myself to be a lover boy. I along with my team randomly gave a shot to this song and luckily the outcome was good. As, I was saying I am a lover boy who has a girlfriend named Pumpkin, I am dedicating this song to her.  So, basically this song is for lovers…!

Q. What are your expectations with the song ‘maula’?

Goldie: – I cannot say! I mean I don’t know! It’s just the first song! And, coincidentally the song has the ‘maula’ in it. So automatically, I have blessings of God with me…!

Q. Today, when there is no limitation in the music industry. Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

Goldie:- (Thinks) After 10 years, I want to be at a place where I don’t want to be found by anyone. I will make songs and mail them to my management for their promotions and release. I want to be surrounded by music 24*7 and there shouldn’t be anyone to bother me!


Goldie: – I am single and ready to mingle (laughs). I am quite happy with my life and positive about my work.

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