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Rewati Chetri who is the  ‘Kanchi Chori’( younger daughter) of Baburam Chetri and Bina Chetri has successfully made it to the finals of the Femina Miss India. With all the best wishes we bring you here her exclusive interview with Poulami Chakraborty .

Poulami: The team of ‘The Mileage’ congratulates you for your successful journey till date and gives you our best wishes for the rest of the journey. From Halflong to Lumding to Guwahati and now Mumbai, reaching Miss Femina Miss India finals must be exciting. How has been the entire journey for you?

Rewati: Thank you so much. I wish I can keep up to the expectation of my well-wishers.

About the journey it has been Incredible! We learn so much in such a short time. The Miss India organization gives us an extensive amount of training that it gradually changes our lives to become a better person that what we are.

Poulami: Tell the readers about your academic life.

Rewati: I have done my schooling from St.Agnes Convent High School, Haflong, College from Lumding College and presently pursuing law from NEF Law College, Guwahati.

Poulami: Where do you see yourself in the coming two weeks in the contest?

Rewati: It would be Miss India finals by then and I am so focused on seeing me with the crown. I want to make my family, friends and well-wishers extremely proud of me.


Poulami: How did you prepare yourself for the Contest??

Rewati: I have become more focused, and determined for the contest.

Poulami: Who is your role icon in fashion industry?

Rewati: Well!I don’t actually idolize an individual person when it comes to modeling.  There are so many extremely talented models in India and overseas. I always try to idolize the good in all of them so that it will be of immense help to my career.

Poulami: What would you like to give to the Society?

Rewati: I would like to give an intellectual Citizen to the society. I would like to focus on educating & developing the skills of Individuals. I want to create scopes of opportunity for them.

Poulami: Your inspiration in life?

Rewati: Definitely my mother. She has not just taught me but lived by example the kind of life every mother expects her child to live. It is from her I learn how to become a woman of substance.

Poulami: How do you define modeling as career option?

Rewati: With India’s large fashion industry there are enough and more opportunities for “right” men and women to be models. It is not as easy as it looks and requires a large amount of sacrifice and commitment. For those who are really committed and determined yes it is a wonderful career option.

Poulami: If not a model what you would be?

Rewati: Well I am currently pursuing my studies in Law, so off course I will become a lawyer in future but I shall not give up modeling too. As long as my age and looks permit I shall go on with it.

Poulami: Time for one-liners –

               Q: One law you would like to break?

Rewati: – Law which says that a criminal below 18 years is a juvenile and cannot be punished.

               Q: Your body to you means?

Rewati:   – My body to me is something special as I feel the Almighty has spent a few extra minutes in making me. However the heart which beats every second to see a better world and a better tomorrow is what I adore the most.

               Q: Favourite actor?

               – Aamir Khan.

               Q: Favourite movie(s)?

               -Taare Zameen Par.

               Q: Love is?

               -A feeling and emotion of togetherness between two people.

Poulami: Your message to the youth of NE?

Rewati: This Life is what you make. No matter what you are going to mess up sometime but the good part is you get to decide your mess. Just believe in yourself. Keep smiling because life is just so beautiful.

Poulami: Lastly, all our best wishes are with you and the people of India and North-east specially are looking forward for a positive achievement from you.

Rewati: Thanks for the best wishes. I am too looking forward in making everyone proud of me, specially my people from the region.

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