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  In conversation with Poulami Chakraborty

An awesome mind healer, Mr. Wasim is one of the torchbearers in the path of curing the troubled minds with his training sessions. Mind power training, his entrepreneurial initiative, has been healing many minds since several years.  And through this column on a regular basis he is set to give the magical touch to many other minds which are tormented and are in complete disarray.

Poulami – Hi! Wasim, our team is glad to have you with us. So, with this column we are set to discuss about the problems of ‘mind’ of the youth of our society and the possible solutions. We will talk about Mental weakness.

Wasim (taking the first sip of his coffee)- Rosseau says, “Mind is like a blank slate” and as per the concepts we become operational when we were born with our minds free and blank. We are born neither confident nor weak. We can mould ourselves both ways.

Poulami – Why do we need mental strength?

Wasim – That’s a good question, Poulami. Look, we need mental strength to feel the freedom, not to get worried and enjoy life to the possible extent.

Poulami – How can we overcome mental weakness?

Wasim – It is a huge thing but to overcome that, one must understand the concept of Death. All of us will die one day. If we calculate the number of years we get we can see – 1 year = 365 days and 60 years = 20,000 days. The average mortality rate is 74 years and thereby, approx. 25,000 days to get through the experience. So, when we know we have limited number of days why should we waste the precious time worrying and brooding over things. Mentally weak people die every day but strong people die once.

Poulami – Do you think fear is necessary for us?

Wasim (with a smile) – Albeit, fear is necessary in our life. But we must use our logical mind and encounter it, learn from it and overcome it. Fear should not cripple us rather should be a moulding factor to make us strong.

Poulami – What about the Concept of success and failure?

Wasim – There is nothing called success or failure. There is only feedback. If you stop at the edge of negative feedback you will not succeed. You must learn from it and move on. Every experience in life counts and every experience teaches a lesson.

Poulami – Okay. That makes the life easier. What then is perfectness?

Wasim – There is nothing called perfectness, there is only improvisation. If I have done well there will be positive feedback and vice versa. People become weak because they judge life based on what they got. People are much inclined towards success or failure, loss or gain and that makes us weak.

Poulami – Wasim I am asked by many young minds that success is a point of saturation and how can we neutralise it?

Wasim – Growth is the key factor, we should focus on growth. Success would be a saturating point if the focus is only on success. But if we focus on growth the success will keep increasing. The universe is growing, trees, seeds, days and years all grow.

Poulami – Today’s youth find it hard to accept challenges and harder if they fail. What would you say on that?

Wasim – It is necessary to accept that life will go through challenges. The mind which accepts challenges is a flexible mind and a flexible mind is a strong mind. If there is only happiness, life would have become bore. We need setbacks to extract the best of us.

Poulami – It was glad talking to you and would come up with more queries in subsequent issues of THE MILEAGE related to the mind power of youth.

Wasim – Thanks, Poulami.

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