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Juthika Baruah

As 2014 comes to an end, youths are gearing up to celebrate the New Year with different moods and fervor. If some have the option to go for picnic, some are thinking of travelling outside to take the breath afresh  on the eve of New Year in other cities or in the countryside.

In Guwahati, youths are ready to celebrate the New Year in different ways with the concerts and other festivals. The whole year is a year with all the busy schedules of their works, studies etc. and to come out of all the stress and work pressures, not only the youths but all the people from all age group celebrate the New Year up to their expectations.

With the changing time, wishes and greetings of New Year also comes only through the medium of phones, social networking sites as exchanging of Greeting cards have become old fashioned. The new medium of communication like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. has made it so easy that people don’t have to rush to shops to buy cards and gifts to wish in the New Year. It is only through a message that today’s youth exchange greetings of not only New Year but also of other festivals.

Earlier, people used to give cards by writing their wishes which are being kept for long time and if the near and dear ones are far away, people used to read the wishes that they write on the greeting cards which made them realize that a friend or near ones are not far away from them. People also go to temples on the first day of the New Year to seek blessings of the almighty but today’s youth opts for concerts and festivals to celebrate New Year.

It is a matter of concern and question arises that do youths keep alive the culture and tradition which their parents or forefathers does have and celebrate every occasion traditionally. In New Year, youths are seen busy with friends in shopping malls, cinema halls, resorts to celebrate which is different from the past.

Years are passing by and people are celebrating every year with joy and happiness and everyone takes some resolutions but what about the poor children who are being deprived of such celebrations. Are the youths who are the future of the country thought of taking some resolutions to involve such poor children in celebrations and bring them smile in their face?

Different government and non-government organizations keep on saying to make child labour free nation but how many youths have taken the resolution to make it a success is the question. Aren’t those children are the future of the country? To answer these questions, one of the student of a reputed college in the city said, “The New Year Resolution should be to make the poor children happy by involving them in festivals and should organize programmes for them so that they could forget their pain. A good personality only reflects in one’s face when they will contribute something notable to the society”.

Every youth makes a plan to celebrate the New Year but they should keep in mind that the culture and tradition remains intact. The picnic spots are filled with people on the very first day of the year as maximum people go to picnic to mark their celebration. The pre-New Year celebration like the concerts and events attract the youth and give them a chance to enjoy out of the busy schedule that they have.

New Year brings new hopes, aspirations in the life of people and to build a better tomorrow, it is only the youth with their new way of thinking, new ray of hope that they could bring rewards to the society. As maximum percentage of the population represents youth, so it is only the youth that they could build a new society, could finish the hatred amongst the people with their new ideas, new developments.

Lastly, hope this New Year could bring happiness and eliminate all kinds of animosities amongst different communities . And it is the youths who will have to take this responsibility of cleansing the society of its ills.

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