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And here begins a new year. A significant period in everyone’s life. (Of course there are people to whom it doesn’t really matter whether its 31st December or 30th June!!) However for most of us year ending and starting off a new one is a big deal. With the commence of December celebration hovers in the air and we get switched on to a party mode. Actually the party thing is a new one to me. Since sometimes back new year celebration meant only picnics and get together at home and a ‘Happy New Year’ inscribed cake cutting ceremony (of sorts!), taking place at midnight. And of course the shows aired by various TV channels. However going on picnic was and is more looked forward to in general. Friends, families or neighbours, grab any crowd and set for a place with either packed food or cooking amenities to cook at the location, which is an important part of all the fun. This basically used to be the New Year celebration of mine and it is still indeed the most popular part of New Year celebration for almost everyone.

I have spent my early part of childhood in a small town. And as far as I remember party sort of things were out of reach for the youths of that time and that place. I am quite sure that they had not even thought of it. By the end of November, picnic buzz used to start out. Deciding on the place (riverside being preferred the most), the menu, the transportation, the music system, the overall budget etc. added on the fun. I still remember how exciting it used to be to watch the BAs (elder sister) and DADAs (elder brother) of the neighbourhood busy with the whole arrangements and preparations. And we, the kids group used to spend all our time planning the games we would play and who are going to take what game and everything about games. Good old days.

However of late the party part is quite in vogue. Well I have very little idea of the party scene in this part in the past but if I am not wrong then it’s a more popular trait and trend among the youths now in comparison to few years back. At least from the amount of publicity these days its popularity could be easily gauged. Though all the year round there are something or the other event taking place, special events are being organised on the eve of new year and also before and after that for the new year’s celebration. And the participation in these events clearly show the inclination of the youth (and yes there are also those who are not exactly youths) towards such events. These are no doubt fun events although sometimes some turn out to be disasters. So before attending one such event background check of the organiser along with our common sense in judging whether the venue is appropriate or not for such parties or events etc is very necessary.

Well its fun time so let’s not think of the bad things too much. Coming back to the party part a pre-party-preparation is another fun altogether. Especially for a girl! And being one I can totally and completely vouch on the necessity of pre-party-preparation. Right from the perfect dress to the right pair of shoes and the right accessories in right amount and the right make-up are all important. Any of them cared less everything goes wrong. And of course the right companions to the party.

Apart from the celebrations many traditions are associated with New Year. Some queer and some interesting, one such tradition is making New Year’s Resolution (to act on it or not is a different thing though!). Wikipedia says that the Babylonians were the first one to start this tradition of making resolutions and since then people have been breaking them as well (WIKI says it too). Another tradition is the use of firecrackers to ward off evil and bring in good luck because according to ancient believes noisemaking and fire helps purify the air from negativity. There are also traditions all over the world of eating some lucky food that differ with different region. Somewhere they eat black-eyed peas so that they attain good luck in abundance just like the way peas are produced or 12 grapes at the strike of 12 in the midnight. Somewhere again they have ring shaped things such as doughnut so the ring symbolizes full circle and leads to good fortune. Traditions are many. The basic idea associated with all these is to enjoy along with the hope of a better year ahead.

Whether it is party or picnic or whatever most of us want to welcome the New Year with lots of love and expectation, a better one then the year that had gone. At the same time we bid farewell to the past year that had given us experiences and memories. Armed with the lessons the past year has provided we tend to be ready to face the coming year and the life that it brings along. In most countries New Year celebration is all about driving away negativity and replacing it with lots of positivity. Since ancient times  New Year has been celebrated with different traditions and customs and many of them are still being followed. So enjoy the celebration season with lots of positivity and hope for the best in the days to come.

Here’s to the bright New Year and a fond farewell to the old;

Here’s to the things that are yet to come and to the memories that we hold.



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