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Life on earth after 60-70 years….

Ananya Sharma

The alarm rang at 7pm. It was 6th April 2080. Sam was reluctant to wake up. After enjoying 1 month vacation he did not wish to attend school from the first day itself. His mother brought him a glass of milk and reminded that it was his first day of high school as he was promoted to 8th standard now.

So Sam had to get ready for school against his will. His school hours were from 8:30pm to 2:15am. His parents worked in a factory manufacturing electrical items. Sam lived with his parents and grandparents. On returning home at around 3am his grandparents looked after him. He was not allowed to hang out with his friends after 5 am.

Infact all over the world the people stay indoors after the sun rise and work after sun set. The people worldwide worked from dusk to dawn. The reason behind this is that if they step out of their house during the day they would be suffering from skin cancer and many unknown diseases or better to say from all the harmful effects of ultra violet radiations (UV rays).

Due to the increase in global warming the ozone layer had depleted completely from the earth’s atmosphere few years back. Many people died including the newly born ones. The animals also had to adjust to this drastic change. So people worldwide adopted the new time schedule.

            Sam’s parents arrived at 4:45 am from work. Today it was the turn for his father to have a bath. The members of every family used to bath once or twice a week due to lack of water resources. Few decades back the people had become so cruel that along with deforestation they occupied small rivers to build their houses and factories. Now it had become very difficult for the people to survive during summers.

The well to do families buys tones of water during summer which is unaffordable by middle class and low class families. In few parts of the world people carry oxygen masks along with them due to severe pollution. The scientists are trying hard to shift few people to the Moon and Mars.

But it is learned that the booking for Mars has already been stopped as the list is over-populated. Sam’s friends and all the kids of his age have never enjoyed playing in a sunny day. They never had a bath under shower nor did they visit any swimming pools. Very few swimming pools are left out which can be afforded only by rich people.

Few days back Sam was surfing the pictures of rainbow. His grandpa told him that it is a very delightful experience to view a rainbow in the sky. Sam had never seen a rainbow in his life as it hardly rains nowadays. “Gone are the days when we used to have a bath thrice a day during summers. Once in the morning, after coming from school and at night before sleeping”-said grandpa. Sam rushed to his room and goggled about ‘life in earth before 60-70 years….’  

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