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Anupam Laskar narrates here the perplexing story of a person who performs some stunning tasks and who can tell the activities of a person without seeing him……………..

Promod Bezbaruah, to my utter surprise proved to be a man who made me realise that there is some reality in superstition. As I watched his activities from a very close distance, it left me in a state of self shock. He is a man who believed in holiness and Godly power. I would not have believed in it, until and unless I myself had gone through and watched it with my own eyes.

         It happened, when I visited a place called Ramdia near Hajo with a lady friend of mine. My friend, like many other ladies believed in such kind of superstitions and that a person like Promod Bezbaruah can change destiny with some holy powers. She had some problems going on in her own life and her family. So, I went with her to the place where Promod Bezbaruah lives. All the while on our journey, I laughed within myself for the reason I was accompanying her and supporting her, as I never believed in such type of superstitions. But only to comfort her I went with her and reached the place very soon.

     The place was already crowded with more than 100 people before our arrival. He used to see these people in a temple named as Manasa Mandir. People waited for him from a long time as we joined the queue. After sometime we witnessed a dark, long haired person arriving. He was Promod Bezbaruah. At first I got frightened by his looks but he was very much friendly with all who were present there. He then came across me and asked about me and where I came from. I replied that I came from Guwahati and that I am a media student. He then asked me not to believe in him blind eyed and believe in him only after witnessing his powers. He then arranged a special programme that day. He called in ten strong boys from the crowd and asked them to stand in a queue, two in a group. Then his assistant came in with 5 big swords and those ten boys were asked to hold on to the swords. After that Promod Bezbaruah performed some holy prayers in front of the idol of Manasa Devi and suddenly his character changed. He changed into a totally different personality as he jumped up and walked over those swords many a times. To my utter surprise he didn’t bleed a little. He even dared to take one of the swords in his tongue and dance over the swords.

   But this was not all. What surprised me the most was that, he can tell one about his past and even future just by knowing the name of a person. He said that he will tell my friend what her sister has been doing the whole day that day, and then she should call her sister with speaker on and ask her about the day. It was done like that and she called her sister. To all of our surprise, her sister said exactly what Mr Promod Bezbaruah said us by just knowing her name and place. This was quite a surprise for me.

       So this was all about Promod Bezbaruah whom I would like to give the tag of `The Mystery Man` because I have gone across many holy men but I have never seen a man like him.

But the question still remains. Does holy power and Godly power prevail? Should we call this superstition or reality? Should we encourage this or discourage? Should we bring this man into limelight?

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