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For the Sake of Humanity

Joon Da Emman Gunda, Ramdhenu, Risang, Kache Aesho Tumi has surely introduced the beautiful and versatile singer and an actor of the state of Assam. The heart throb of the young generation who is known for her more than thousand of concerts and also an awardee of ‘BEST FEMALE SINGER of ASSAM’, for the year 1997 by U.N.E.S.C.O. and ‘Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Award’ 2011-2012 for the ‘Best Female Singer’.

The Mileage welcomes Zublee Baruah who has carved a niche for herself. Zublee has not kept herself limited to acting and singing but also has a fair share for the society starting off with the first organization which works for organ donation, differently abled people and also has an old age home.

In a busy schedule of her life and just before her show which aims to aware people on organ donation, she manages to give her precious time to The Mileage and shares her trending CV with us.

TM: Congratulations, Zublee! Hope you succeed in your noble task. How was the response of people for organ donation?

Zublee: (Smiles and looks excited) Well, I am really surprised with the response; around 40 to 50 people came for blood donation, which is really great. I think with the help of media and the modern youths, we can really make it happen. I would like to invite more people through The Mileage to come and pledge for organ donation since this helps you to stay alive even after death.

TM: What according to you, is the biggest challenge for organ donation?

Zublee: (Sipping a cup of Coffee) The biggest challenge for organ donation in the country is the religious belief which restricts a person to donate organs. There is this belief that the donor may not have the donated organs in his or her next birth. I feel there has to be more awareness which can bring in more people to come forward and join this noble cause.

TM: How was the support of your parents for this cause and other endeavors of your life?

Zublee: My parents are great, they believe in me and whatever I do and that is the reason I can achieve something in life, though it is a little.

TM: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Zublee: Right now, I am doing shows and really busy with that and I am also working on a folk album which might get released in the month of October.

TM: So, it seems you won’t be here in Puja this time!

Zublee: (Laughs) Well, I guess no, I have many shows in Kolkata, Bangalore and many other places. But, even though I will be in Kolkata, I shall really miss the Puja of Guwahati and specially the Durga mandir   of Bamunimaidan where I performed the first show when I was three years old.

TM: Well, how is life in Mumbai, do you miss the stardom?

Zublee: Life in Mumbai is different from here of course, as I am a learner there, I don’t expect a fan following there. I am a normal citizen there, and waiting for the right opportunity when I can do something big. I have still not tried my way into Bollywood and I am just waiting for the right time when everything is in right place.

TM: Okay, now when you have shared your future plans, tell us your plans about marriage? Also, tell us whether it would be a love marriage or an arranged one?

Zublee: (With a sweet smile and after a second of silence) I guess, marriage will take some more time since it’s not the right time. And I will definitely go for a love marriage since I am a very emotional person. I want a life partner who is trustworthy and gives me space.

TM: What is your taste for music?

Zublee: Music has to suit the mood; I love all kinds of music especially the folk classics. I love to listen to and also sing songs of various tribes and languages. Till now, I have sung songs of all the tribes of Northeast. Apart from Assamese, I have even sung in many languages such as Bengali, Nepali, Malayalam, English, Hindi etc.

TM: Now, please advice some success tips for the upcoming singers of Northeast?

Zublee: I would like to wish all of them best of luck and would just advice to be focused and believe in them and everything will follow on.

TM: The entire team of THE MILEAGE wishes you all the best in your every endeavor. Would you like to say something to our readers?

Zublee: Thanks a lot; I wish everyone a healthy and peaceful life. I am very disturbed with what is happening in Assam, I hope and pray that peace prevails in Assam and I also hope that the next time round I can share some more good memories and experiences with THE MILEAGE readers.

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