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Bibek Kumar Naiswal

We live on a planet where there is – love and hatred, gain and loss, success and failure, pain and pleasure, hope and disappointment, doubt and faith. There is no individual who has not passed through all these phases in it’s life. Without ups and downs, a life can never be wholesome. Life is not easy for any one here. What makes life bearable is love – to love and to be loved -even after death or parting from each other.

Love is a bond of two hearts beyond any restriction. Here, lovers say –we love each other, we are happy with each other, we give each other solace, courage and delight – and which is undeniable truth. But we live in a world where promises are broken. We live in a world where people treat their words lightly. The real problem is that when we don’t keep our word, we lose credibility. When we lose credibility, we break the bond of the trust and breaking the bond of trust ultimately leads to a string of broken relationship.

A common misconception is that the narrow tendency of the broken heart or relation generally provokes to commit horrific crimes; seeks to destroy the liberty and happiness of other which is quite unfortunate. And against the order of nature, some broken hearts say- “I cannot turn away and simply let your life be in peace and happiness. I must do something about it. No, you have not harmed me, but I will harm you, I will disown you, I will lock you up, I will break your legs and blab, blab, blab …” What can we say to people who think this way…?  Absolutely notorious or full of selfishness.  And in such condition, the broken hearts believe that they are doing well. The anger and the jealousness always make us smaller and lower in our position than we actually are. We forget to realise that there are far more serious concerns to attend to.

Failure in one love affair is not the end of all hopes. Yes, we accept that the pain of broken relationship is unbearable.  And when we face this intolerable pain, we should keep in mind that we are not  the only victim. There are many more such individuals who have survived with this pain. To overcome from this pain, the best solution is to forgive. Forgiving someone who has wronged us actually paves the way for growth as a better human being. It does not at all imply an act of cowardice. Forgiveness is not something we do for other; we do it for ourself to get well. Forgiveness is a great act of spirit and courage and it is also one of the best ways to elevate the quality of our life. Mark Twain has rightly said that “Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it”

Those who betray any individual in the name of ‘Auspicious Love’, they actually kill their lover’s/beloved’s soul. Let’s NOT KILL SOUL; please…Love is not against the order of nature. If love is not gained by love then leave it. Why to bother only for a single love which has hurt a lot and has also become the cause of our pain! Who says- there is only one love in human life?  It’s time to move on and to be content with our own life. Let’s move on and start the journey with new hopes and with full of vigour and dynamism.

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