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Kejriwal to visit Manipur soon

Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal, National convenor of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is likely to visit Manipur ‘very soon’,says a party source. The former Delhi Chief Minister expressed his desire to visit Manipur when K Zou, Joint convenor AAP Manipur met him at his official residence at Delhi last month. According to Th Jugindro, another Joint Convenor of AAP, Manipur the date and time of proposed Arvind Kejriwal visit to Manipur will be prepared by the State Aam Aadmi Party very soon. Meanwhile, K Zou said that well wishers of AAP and supporters of anti corruption campaign should not be confused by the ongoing situation within the senior members of the AAP.

“It is part of introspection of the performance of the last 16th Lok Sabha election and the party will overcome the situation very soon,” K Zou added. He also said that unlike other political parties, AAP will not deviate from its war against corruption and corrupt culture in the country, even though several people with vested interest files defamation cases against the party leaders for making a list of corrupt people.
The AAP said it has sufficient proves for making a list of corrupted people in the country and will ensure to bring out the truth in the court of law.

Meanwhile, AAP Manipur also warned politicians, Government servants and LPG/ petrol/diesel/ K.Oil agencies to abstain from looting the public by virtue of their official positions and the privileges they enjoy.

“We appeal to all the bureaucrats to maintain transparency and accountability and be a model for the common people when discharging official duties,” AAP Manipur stated.

The Prime minister of India has already made it clear that government officers must work without the fear of politicians, it reminded. AAP Manipur then said it will intervene in any case of harassment of honest public servants if politicians threaten them for transfer or take undue action. We will take the matter direct to the Home Ministry or the Prime Minister of India,” AAP Manipur cautioned.

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