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Corruption and its ugly manifestations

Corruption India

Arastah Jannat Islam

Corruption though seems to be the recent trend in the socio-economic and political scenario of the Indian society, but it has historical background since the days of colonial rule. It has been inherited and delved deeper into psychical condition of the people of the Indian sub-continent. Not a single section is affected but the whole humanity is involved in one form or other. The whole atmosphere is polluted by the rampant corruption. From the grass root level to high level incumbents, from the minor political comrades to the big political mullahs, every individual is dipped in corruption. Who will bear the responsibility of the country…is the big question.

Each time democracy brings to power some or the other party, every time democracy has been let down. Past or present, corruption has been able to consolidate its roots in every governmental department. For everybody, political bosses, bureaucrats at all level, corporate houses, intention is to earn more money; mad race for earning more money; necessity or no necessity. Everybody is behaving (in the mad race of earning money) like psychiatric case which needs immediate treatment.

Political individuals and the parties crave for money which gives them power because the fact is that, “more money, more power”. And the way money is used in the general elections to gain power is worth mentioning. The extravagant election campaigning does justify the need of immeasurable amount of wealth that is required. Therefore corruption is the answer to earning these wealth and power along with it.

Same is the perception and condition among the various low and high ranked officers. If we take a closer look, we will view a continuous chain of “performing corruption”. The murky political and social environ breeds nothing but crafty characters. It however cannot be ignored that there are people who are not into the corruption business. But the truth is that, they eventually relent to corruption in order to catch the pace of today’s life. The corrupt lot seems to enjoy a luxurious and a highly maintained lifestyle and in order to be in line with them, those left out, join the corruption brigade.

When we look at the political picture we see leaders with full talent of the art of manipulating and manoeuvring. They are armed with plethora of promises. Negative impact of such declarations, without understanding the real condition, is visible on the common mass. The concerns are heightened by the rise in incidents of impractical awareness and widespread corruption.

With these factors under light the corruption act is gaining impetus. This has gone so severe that an underground parallel economy has been run in the country. Thus we can well imagine the actual condition of our country if corruption can be expunged and this underground parallel economy of black money is merged into mainstream economy of the country. India can be transformed into an economic giant. But the grey issue is that those acting guardians of the country are self-centred. They are blind folded by self-belief rather than accumulated wisdom. And with this scenario intact, no real change, leave aside development, can be expected.

Unfortunately the people who possess the temper to manage this condition are rare. And with this rare lot it is not a good idea to expect any change in the filthy condition that has been going on. For any kind of positive change the whole mindset of the society and the system has to be changed. People need to come out to bring out even a minute amount of positivity they intend or do bring in to the society. If every individual put some amount of honesty in their work, attaining a bright future for the country should not be a difficult task. Nothing but rationalism is required for a positive change. Instilling a rational attitude within oneself is the only way to save the country. This can be done only by those with the sagacity to employ faith and also to carry it on and with a talent to marry firmness with flexibility in order to function even in coarse period.

India has always been waiting to see and experience a corruption free environment. Hope the day is not far away when corruption and red-tapism at every government office will be eliminated forever and there will not be any difficulty in procuring a birth certificate, a driving licence, a LPG connection or may be the denial of basic amenities such as drinking water, power and security.

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