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‘Think Globally, Act Locally’

Everything in this earth is interconnected. A tree needs soil to stand still; likewise soil needs a tree to control erosion. Amongst all the objects of nature, human being is one of the important entities. Our well planned activity can keep this balance of interdependence to a long run. What is needed is our thoughtful act. But the paradox is that we don’t even care for what we are doing to our earth.

One who is the fittest, he only survives. It is our instinctive nature to fight with nature from the very inception. Thus we have earned the power to control our environment to some extent. Our brain accompanied by Science & technology have boosted our power to make us the greatest amongst all animals. But with our lifestyle and pattern, we are causing irreparable harm to environment.

Our indifferent outlook has led to a conflict between man and animals. Frequent Elephant-human conflict, recent tiger-human conflicts are some examples. If we invade the habitats of wild animals, where will they go for shelter? Poaching of rhinos has become a serious concern in the state of Assam. If this killing continues, only pictures will remain to answer our coming generation.

At every second, somewhere on this earth, forest amounting up to a football field is destroyed (A survey report states). Our State is known as the woodland for outsiders, but only 24% of total land occupies forest.One must remember that Indian Forest Act, 1980 has estimated a target of 60 % forestry in Hilly areas and 33% forestry in plains.But the reverse process is going on!

Peace depends on forestry. This was the message of the Nobel Committee while giving away the Nobel Prize for Peace to Kenya’s Environment Activist Wangari Mathai in 2008.

The only way to take part in environment protection at individual level is to inculcate certain habits amongst us.If we simply ask ourself, if we are planting a tree at home, office, school or college campus? I think the answer will be negative.There is no need for an occasion to plant a tree. Again, if everyone stays alert at their own level can bring a broader effect as a whole. We can plant a tree at every birthday. We can gift a fruit sapling to our friends on their birthdays.

I have one friend who has labelled all the trees in public places nearby his residence with the words ‘Save Trees and they will save you Indeed’. One has to be conscious and must show path for others. Government strategy will be successful only when NGOs and individuals are concerned. So the slogan is ‘think globally, act locally’. Let us act accordingly.

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