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        Current Status of Development Communication in India from Ethical Perspective with Special Reference to Assam: A Descriptive Content Analytical Study   Mr. Alakesh Das Before understanding the meaning of the term ‘Development Communication’,we have to understand the term ‘Development’.The term ‘Development’ means ‘positive change’ or ‘change for the better’ in our life. It

  • Scaling New Horizons

    Scaling New Horizons

    The story of Mohesh Ronghang of Karbi Anglong is sure to inspire not only youths but all those who want to make themselves available to fulfill the needs and requirements of the unfortunates living in and around them   Bijoy Ghimire This young lad of Western part of Karbi Anglong is a true inspiration and

  • Unending saga of women’s liberation

    Unending saga of women’s liberation

        A glimpse into gender discrimination in the Nepali Community       Riju Devi “The history of men’s opposition to women’s emancipation is more interesting perhaps than the story of that emancipation itself.” ——-Virginia Woolf  The state/status of men and women and their relationship to each other is much influenced by a particular

  • Gorkhaland — A legitimate demand

    Gorkhaland — A legitimate demand

      Tilak Dhungana The Gorkha community from Assam extends their support to the ongoing agitation for a separate state GORKHALAND. It’s a long pending demand which has passed 110 years. The demands for separate states which were not older than the proposed GORKHALAND have been fullfilled. Gorkhaland is the demand of ethnic Gorkhas basically living



                                 BANANI DAS CHOWDHURY It’s again that time of the year, where the talks of “Women Empowerment” is on a high pitch. As the month of March approaches, the world is ready to celebrate yet another “International Women’s Day” with another “new”

  • Criminalizing the very act of ‘marital rape’

    Criminalizing the very act of ‘marital rape’

      BANANI DAS CHOWDHURY “Marriages are made in Heaven!” The very statement is all about a “Belief”. With it, the “Religious” “beliefs” across different “faiths” and “culture”; uphold matrimony in a “Holy” way that it might mean within marriage and all thats between “marital mates”; everything is “holy” and “heavenly”! Let’s now come at the

  • PR Summit at Cotton College

    PR Summit at Cotton College

    GUWAHATI, MAY 6: Dr Bhupen Hazarika Centre for Mass Communication and Journalism (BCMJ), Cotton College, Guwahati hosted the ‘SBI Public Relations Summit on Saturday.  The summit started at around 10 in the morning. The day long programme was attended by students and teachers from ten institutions from North East and beyond and leading PR practitioners

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