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    Zulfeekar Hussain  Nearly everyone desires to have a car whether it’s swift or well-appointed. Each and every car is exclusive both inside and out, a few with more features, some that doesn’t just appeal to the head, but turn heads too. Various cars come up with smart styling with a drudgery cabin and a sturdy



                                                                 Ruth Hmar recounts the story of Pratik Bharali, a budding model and narrates about his indomitable spirit to stride ahead to achieve what he dreams off. We know things are done and forgotten. But there are few things done that should not be forgotten. When we speak of fashion industry today, where

  • Clicked and Decked

    Clicked and Decked

      Banashree Choudhary takes all those shopaholics on a tour here and enlightens them on how virtual market has enveloped all and sundry these days……………………… Shopping, has been and will always be a topic very close to the heart for all the female readers reading this along with the metro-sexual men who want to keep

  • More Wisdom, More Happiness

    More Wisdom, More Happiness

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Guru Purnima Guru is present like space in life. You just sang this song, ‘Ajo Ananthaya‘. Ajo means Never Born, Ananthanya is Infinity, Nitya Shudha is Forever Pure, and Sat-chid-ananda is Pure Bliss. Guru principle is like the space, and you cannot avoid space. Whether you recognize that there is space or not, is another question. You cannot escape from air. Whether you recognize there is

  • Fashion Express

    Fashion Express

    Zulfikar Hussain When it comes to fashion everyone has a different taste. However these designer brands have been adored all around the globe. Their art and work speaks for their brand. These are the world’s most expensive luxury designer brands. Prada– It is a top Italian luxury fashion house, specialized in leather and fashion accessories,

  • Summer Outfit Tips to Look 10 PoundsThinner

    Summer Outfit Tips to Look 10 PoundsThinner

    Chow Romi Gogoi When it comes to summer and fashion, it often seems that all anyone can talk about is what your body looks like when you’re wearing as little clothing as possible. The much discussed “bikini body” is omnipresent, as are loads of wisdom nuggets and tips on how you can get one. Pish,

  • Nagaon Workshop

    The Learning Curve, a Guwahati based professional institute in association with All India Liberty Foundation, at Nagaon organized a three day workshop on modeling by eminent fashion stylist and designer, Mr. Chow Poran J. Gogoi. Miss Haya Baruah, Kingfisher Calendar girl 2012 was the mentor. The workshop also provided lessons on photography by one of

  • Success is an Attitude, not a Phenomenon

    Success is an Attitude, not a Phenomenon

    Shri Shri Ravi Shankar Question: success to this world means money, power and fame. How does one know if we are successful? Is there any measure? The sign of success is a smile. The number of smiles that one has in their day-to-day life indicates how successful one is. You may have a big bank

  • Let’s Talk Fashion

    Let’s Talk Fashion

    Deepa  Kumari Basfore Well, who does not love fashion today or probably a better question would be who is not fashionable?  Whether its metropolis or booming cities like Guwahati, fashionistas is everywhere. At the designer levels, models and fashion designers are grabbing all the eyeballs today. But wait; there is something else, which has sprung

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