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  • Novel ways of Social Communication

    Novel ways of Social Communication

    BANANI DAS CHOWDHURY talks about the paradigm shift which has taken place in the sphere of social communication and how it affected the youths the most.   Our urge to communicate and live in a social environment is as old as the history of mankind. With time, our modes of communication changes and technology added

  • The “Brain Drain” Syndrome

    The “Brain Drain” Syndrome

    BANANI DAS CHOWDHURY explores here the intricacies of leaving one’s native place and moving out to favourable destinations in search of better career options …. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The very quote rightly justifies why we fly off to far alien lands to establish our identity, learn and earn a better condition of

  • Emerging trends in Education

    Emerging trends in Education

    SAIKH MD SABAH AL-AHMED “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.” ― Robert Frost Once upon a time food, shelter and clothing formed the basic needs of human beings. However, with the development in the industrial age, another important factor that got added up to the

  • Are we ready for Sex Education?

    Are we ready for Sex Education?

    The recent statement on Sex Education by the Health Minister of India has sparked off hullabaloo in the media fraternity as well as in other circles. Aniruddha Laskar deliberates here the pros and cons of introducing Sex Education in the course curriculum of the schools. Watching a debate on prime time at 9 pm on

  • Dedication of a Teacher

    Dedication of a Teacher

    Rudhir Prakash Sarma Dedication lies in the heart of a man. Mr. Radheshyam Dayal is a man who not only does his job well but also with dedication. Presently, he is working as the Head Master of Government Upper Primary School, Dayawath village under Rajgarh Block of Churu District, Rajasthan. A Photo of Head Master



    ARUNAV BARUA Let me begin at the beginning. Education is the first training that we receive in our lives, which remains with us for posterity. They say that the stronger the roots, the better and stronger the tree. Likewise, better the ‘education’, stronger the foundation for life. Let us first delve into the types of

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