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A relationship explained


Mehdi Hasan

Traditionally, fathers have been believed to be more close to their daughters. However, father-son equation is always considered to be friendlier and more comfortable than the equation a father shares with his daughter. A relation between father and son can be very complex and hard to relate to, the male tendencies to not to communicate feelings always comes in between. A good father makes all the difference in a child’s life. He’s a pillar of strength, support and discipline. His work is endless and often thankless. As we grow up idolising a father the way he dresses, talks with other people , hold and read a newspaper and every little things he does around us just trying to get his attention and approval and indeed making him aware that without doubt he is the ultimate man in the world. ‘When we’re not reconciled with our fathers, there’s something inside of us that remains restless, and there’s also something that remains kid-like .We don’t really grow up until we have come to terms with our fathers. We need our fathers to bless us in a way that brings us into adulthood’, says Neil Chethik.


Perhaps not surprisingly, the current shift that we are undergoing in the 21st century finds the father figure moving back to a more nurturing role, which is reflective of a society that has increasing expectations that fathers should be more loving and involved in the raising of their children than their own fathers were. This renewal of the nurturing father-son relationship is known as the Theory of Generative Fatherhood, which holds that fathers should be demonstrably affectionate toward their children on a daily basis. The result of this shift, ideally, is that the modern father-son relationship should be closer, more satisfying and more nurturing than it was in the previous generation.

We all are pretty aware of what sacrifices a father makes in the process in the making of what we are today. When a father gives something to his son they both laugh, on the other hand if a son give his father the father cries. This is a simple set of words but yet it’s very powerful and shows the thin line that exists in between a son and father relation.
In a society where gender issues are increasingly politicised, where our working lives blur with family time, where “what makes a man a man” offers more options yet potentially more challenging choices, shouldn’t we examine the relationships that shaped us? This is indeed the very core question that must be asked within and considered to.

Lastly I leave you all with this very basic question that is very important to look into how’s your relation with your father? Is he proud of what you are today? Are you proud of him?


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