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Meren Jamir
Media Student, Royal Global University


What comes to our mind when we hear the word “Paradise”? Beauty, peace, enchanting, secure? Well, in my case, Dzukou Valley flashes right before my eyes every time I encounter with the word Paradise. Many people do not know about this enchanting valley which is located in Nagaland at an altitude of more than 2000 meters and it is surrounded by the mighty Japfu hilly ranges making it an ideal holiday place for trekking. The main plant found in the valley is the tough bamboo brush and an area full of it looks like a neatly mown lawn from far away. The valley is surrounded by two icy cold rivers – Dzuku and Japhu that flows crossing each other’s path with small handmade bridge to cross the narrow river in the valley; it is the land of the lost where everything is like an antidote for imaginary friends.

Dzukou Valley

I started my journey towards the long unknown paradise from Dimapur to Viswema. It took me 3hours and 14 min to reach Viswema which is 87.1 km via NH29. The actual journey starts from Viswema. The path is narrow yet motivating. It is from there where high way to heaven starts. There’s a point where one has to leave their vehicle and start trekking. In order to reach at the Valley point, one has to trek through a mountain which took me 4 hours. My oh my, what a strange mountain it was.

As long as you are trekking through that mountain, I would prefer my fellow trekker’s to carry rain coat and cover your back pack with polythene because as long as you are there you just cannot predict its weather. I personally would like to name that very mountain as “The Hill which Speaks”.

The wind in that mountain is like singing through your ears. The thick mist makes you feel numb and hardly makes the path visible. The spine chilling cold rain unpredictably will shower upon you. It’s like the mountain has his own mind and love making your journey more difficult. After battling through my way from the Mystic mountain I reached the 1st base camp.


After taking some moment to admire the beauty of the view from the top of the mountain, without any further delay I geared up and made my way towards my destination. The path was thin and curvy like a snake. Risky yet challenging.

After a long walk of 3 hours with my group, we finally happen to reach our destination that is Dzukou valley. Every trouble that you have faced, difficulties, challenges it’s just worth it. The beauty of the valley is so mesmerizing that it makes you believe that yes, paradise do exist. Its divine and heavenly sight makes you question yourself whether you are worth it of its glorious view.

One can directly fill its bottle from the river water as the valley provides the purest and fresh water. From a distance one can see the sun beam light moving around the valley and disappear suddenly as if it’s playing hide and seek. The fresh wind touching your skin heals all the pain of life and feels like it wants to teach you something, perhaps a hint.


If you are someone who loves the rhythmic rain, vibrant green forest and wet lands than visiting this valley is a must. The cotton like clouds that surrounds the valley as you reach the top, makes this untouched  valley much like heaven on earth.

The valley has many natural caves for instance if you feel like living with the nature. Apart from that one can stay at the guest house in the valley.

The food is however is made by self but utensils for cooking are available on rent. You can bring your own tent and sleeping bag or if you prefer camping under a cave, there are plenty and the real feel of the valley.

This is perhaps an ideal getaway for adventure and nature lover’s as it consists of six or more hours of long hike to reach the top and the journey high  the mystic mountain is an exotic and breathtaking as the valley itself. There are a number of sheds made pout of wood with tined roof to rest on your way at a distance of around three to four kilometers from each other.


In spite of its difficult terrains and lack of comfortable facilities, it gives charm of the raw nature, untouched and  an entire view of Dzukou valley, including the tallest Rhododendron in the world with a height of 109 feet.


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