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Amrita Dutta, who knows very well how to emancipate herself from the ever confining household chores and venture out daring and challenging the cruel world and live her dreams, could be one of the role models for the womenfolk.  

Originally belonging from Tinsukia, this gorgeous mother of two beautiful daughters have made her berth secure to contest in Mrs. Universe, 2017 a global event where participants from across the world take part. She is the second runners up in the recently conducted Mrs. India Home Makers where there were participants from all over India. Her outstanding performance and unparalleled wit in this eventful pageant qualified her for the ensuing grand event, that is, Mrs. Universe to be held outside India.

In a candid conversation with Bijoy Ghimire, Mrs. Dutta divulged on her interests and what are the things that keep her moving and help her kindle her creativity.

Bijoy: First of all, congratulations for being the first women from Assam who made to such a big pageant.

Amrita: Thank you so much.

Bijoy : My first question obviously is what inspired you to take part in these pageants despite being a mother of two daughters and being very happy as a home maker?

Amrita: I always had been involved in cultural activities since my school days. So I was always amidst artists and celebrities of our region. Lately I was fascinated by the fashion industry and felt like experiencing it once hoping it will further help me grow in my life.

Bijoy: Do your family support your new found passion?

Amrita: They support me a lot. My husband had always been a great support. My two daughters are always there by my side in whatever I do creative. Besides, I have the blessings of my relatives and my friends.


Bijoy: How do you balance your time with your family and other stuff which also requires much of your time?

Amrita: (Smiles) I believe in this popular line ‘If there is a will, there is a way’. Every minute is important for me. Time for me now has become precious. So, if you start using time judiciously and intelligently then anything could be accomplished in a given time period.


Bijoy: Besides organizing Beauty Pageant, Mrs. Universe ltd. also has facilitated a forum for human rights and has encouraged all its contestants to have some involvements in any significant cause. So are you advocating any cause for the betterment of the society?

Amrita: Yes off course. I have done several campaigns against child labour. Recently in the Children’s Day, I visited several schools of Guwahati campaigning against child labour.

Bijoy: What do you have to say about increasing number of fashion shows taking place in Northeast India?

Amrita: It’s a good thing happening. Northeasterners are getting opportunities to showcase their talents. It was difficult before to any fashion enthusiast to take part in such pageants which used to take place mostly outside the region. Now it has also created employability to people at large for the region.

Bijoy: Do you think this kind of shows or contest could help in empowering women?

Amrita: Absolutely. It helps them to become more confident and challenging. Moreover, these shows are very effective in dispelling inhibitions and reluctance harboured by our young generation.

Bijoy: What do you want to say to all those mothers who want to come out of their household chores and do what they want to do?

Amrita: I tell them to become bold enough and come forward and show to the world what they are best at. Every individual has enormous talents. But the only thing that needs to be done is to tap that talent, hone it and unleash it in every possible way.

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