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A household name in the Assamese music industry who does not need any introduction, has a list of good works associated with him. Always smiling, Dikshu – the singing sensation amongst the youth speaks his heart out with The Mileage Correspondent, Swapnav Jyoti Baishya Saud. Take a look…


Swapnav: On the onset of our interview let me thank you on behalf of The Mileage team for spending some special moments from your busy schedule.


Dikshu: Thanks Swapnav, I am really happy for “The Mileage” on its successful completion of one year and am eager to get more from your magazine. Congrats to the team.


Swapnav: Thank you. So was coming to music a planned decision?


Dikshu: No, it was never planned. Music just happened for me.


Swapnav: You have a huge fan following, does it make you more responsible towards representing our music nationally?


Dikshu (with a usual tilted smile): It feels amazingly good when my fans like and love my songs and it definitely encourages me to give better work. I always want to represent our regional music on a national platform. If I get a chance, I will definitely represent our folk music both nationally and globally.


Swapnav: Music is a universal language, and you have done shows abroad, how do you find the response?


Dikshu: The response is always good. People abroad love our music and it is awesome to perform when our music gets a global podium.


Swapnav: Down the lane after 10 years, where do you want to see yourself?


Dikshu: (Haah!) I don’t want to see myself in a position where I have committed lots of mistakes socially and musically.


Swapnav: What do you feel for our regional music industry at present?


Dikshu: I am really unhappy with the present condition of our music industry as more developments are needed financially, technically and in terms of exposure.


Swapnav: Recent times have seen the growth of reality shows both nationally and regionally, how has it helped our budding singers?


Dikshu: It has helped the upcoming and amateur talents to present their singing skills before everyone.


Swapnav: How was your experience being a brand ambassador of the game of soccer for Golaghat Rhino FC at ASPL?


Dikshu: I always wanted to do something out of anything and with encouraging parents I was introduced to outdoor sports for betterment of mind, body and soul. So, when the offer was made through one of my closest aides I readily agreed with some conditions of mine and of them to merge as a new family. No stone was left unturned in making this league a success. I did things to keep the players motivated on the field and obviously to pull crowd to venues was my priority.


Swapnav: Being in Mumbai is it different than being in Guwahati, how do you see that?


Dikshu: In Mumbai, I am too professional but I love to be in Guwahati as much as I can to devote myself towards the soil of my roots.


Swapnav: What message do you want to give to the youths of this region?


Dikshu: Youths have immense untapped potentialities and my advice is to go and unleash them and do something for the region and the nation.


Swapnav: Rapid fire round for you –


Favorite Food – Bhaat (Rice)

Favorite Holiday Destination – Manas National Park, Assam

Favorite Singers- Zubeen Garg, Kishore Kumar, Santa Uzir and Michael Jackson.




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