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A nation surging ahead

Pratima Tamang

           Though it has been 69 years since Independence, India as a nation and Indians are still a new leaf in providing nourishment, health and education for nearly half the population. Yet there has been a new sense of hope and expectation in India and a greater opportunity to power ourselves in the last few years. With young entrepreneurs like Sundar  Pichai taking over as the CEO of Google and the image of Goddess Kali being projected on the New York Empire State Building by artist Andrew Jones, India has indeed come one step closer to marking its strong presence in today’s world.

Since Independence, India has emerged as a diverse country with multiplicity of religions, races, ethnicities, castes, creeds and languages- so united and so powerful. Yet as a nation we are still struggling to become a powerful nation. We Indians do not lack any skills, knowledge or the capacity to build ourselves in a better way but the light that leads us is still blurry. The nation is caught in a web of murky politics, religion, money-making, gender inequality and discriminations.

With all the emerging young minds and hearts filled with passion, let us all revive our spirits and march forward with twice as much we did. Turn our potentials to be released entirely and make the nation a greater possibility for all dreams to come true; so that the next time we would not be reading this darker side but the generations to come will glow in the brightest era of our Independent country, our India.

Wishing  all a very happy independence day…

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