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Poulami Chakraborty  chronicles here the remarkable journey of a young entrepreneur who achieved stupendous feats at a young age and has set a benchmark to be followed by all the young entrepreneurs out there…

12th August 2007, a date when a boy from Jiribasa, Karbi Anglong, Assam landed on the soils of Delhi with an unknown fate and a mere borrowed amount of Rs. 700 and went on a journey deployed with much toil and twinge. Amar Bharati may be still an unknown name for many of us but his silent hard work is now making the much deserved noise in Delhi as he became the youngest CEO. Alone he started a company where he employs almost 100 people and along with that have done BBA and MBA balancing both business and studies. Are you thinking that I will be serving at you a story full of tragedy and misery, a story with wishful thoughts unfulfilled and stuffs of similar kind? I am sorry, here I will disappoint you by presenting something that will make you have faith on yourself and will encourage you to indulge in dreaming BIG.

Amar Bharati studied in the government school in his village and later moved to Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya (JNV) to pursue his higher secondary in science. He wanted to become an engineer and that too from not any other college than IIT. On 10th Aug, 2007 boarding the Brahmaputra Mail, the young lad reached Delhi to prepare for coaching for IIT along with job, which was not possible from his village.

In Delhi Amar started working for a Hotel as a Front office manager and after doing four such jobs, he diverted the job into sales and marketing for the purpose of earning more. Working for Hotel in sales did not give him flexibility, so Amar started freelancing. It was tough enough in the markets of Delhi corporate to bring in businesses for the Hotels, but slow and steady with his amateur expertise he was doing good. His family became financially dependent on him, hence venturing into engineering was a closed option for him, instead he opted for BBA.

The business slowly was flourishing. Amar now started freelancing where with his already established contacts he was giving business to most of the hotels of Gurgaon (Delhi NCR). He was earning quite good, hence Amar started his own company named Asian House India presently known as Asian Suites Hotel in August, 2008. In a year, he turned himself into an entrepreneur. All this while Amar was both working and studying at the age of 18 years old. Studying has been the integral factor in pushing him towards money which is otherwise nowadays – people study to earn money but Amar earned money to continue his study. Once again, he dreamt of higher studies and wanted to go for MBA in overseas universities and thereby he continued saving money.

But the thought of losing the goodwill and market that he has already built up dragged him to complete his dream in India. Meanwhile, he started his second new company in outsourcing industry in Finance and Accountancy domain catering mainly to Europe, The Netherlands market in the name of ADS Technologies. Amar Bharati’s third company Oneclikk.com is another e-commerce travel portal technology site owned by him. Amar did not look back after this and went on with his determination and not only in terms of business but academically he is a MBA today, and had been to almost all parts of India and Europe. Amar is looking forward in his life with optimism and strong determination. Just 25 and he has turned, twisted and played with his destiny molding it to bow before him.

While talking to him about his plans for Assam and North-east Amar says, “North-east is much in demand as the scenic beauty and sites are still unexplored and people like adventure. We are keeping it in our future plans for Kaziranga and all parts of Assam.” He is planning for opening hotels in Assam too in the coming years. As Bharati adds on being asked to speak for the youth of this region, “We always look for opportunity that comes to our door but that seldom happens. People must know to sell themselves and look for the opportunities out. Entrepreneurship is the key to success if one is willing to take the risk. Do small but do on your own.”

It is his fortitude that a boy from Karbi Anglong is AMAR BHARATI. It is a message to everyone that it is only you who can bring your luck. “Apna luck khud ban  k chalo

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