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Asha Dirkhipa, a small town girl from Arunachal Pradesh has made her way into Bollywood and would hit the screen as actress in two latest films soon. Asha is all set to catch the attention of the world and add some more pages in the success history of Northeastern states. The Arunachali beauty has also done pretty well in the modeling industry and is one of the leading models. Apart from modeling, she loves dancing on modern Bollywood tracks and loves to organize events.

Let’s know more about the dancing diva.

TM– First of all, thank you and welcome to The Mileage. Please define yourself for our readers.
Asha- Most Welcome (Smiles). Well, I am a fun loving girl, a model and a dancer. I am passionate about music, loves to roam around the world and do lots of shopping.

TM- You are a professional model and quiet popular in the industry. When did you actually start your professional career in modeling?
Asha- I was born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh and pursued my studies there. Moving on to the field of modeling was really a tough competition for me because Arunachal Pradesh is still counted among the backward states, and glamour industry hardly exists out there. But, I was determined about my ambition and so I moved to Mumbai in 2011 where I started modeling and by God’s grace today I have many upcoming projects. I give the credit of my career to my hard work and my parent’s support and blessings.

TM– Tell us about your journey from modeling to get into Bollywood?
Asha- Actually, I was a dancer and used to perform in various events. I got the movie proposal during a show and that’s how my journey started from modeling to dancing and now a Bollywood personality.


Asha Dirkhipa enters bollywood

Asha Dirkhipa

TM– Mumbai is known to be the “City of Dreams” and everyone has to face a period of struggle in the beginning to fulfill his or her dream. Tell us, how was yours?
Asha- Well, I believe that struggle is a never ending process because it always helps us to learn more and to perform better for a quality work. And if you are passionate about your ambition, you even enjoy the struggle because those are the stepping stones of success.

TM– You have experience in modeling, dancing and now acting in Bollywood. Many of the youths from the northeast also aspire to become actors and models. What would you suggest them?

Asha- There is no shortcut to success. Hard work, passion and love for work are the major keys to be successful in this industry.



TM- Tell us something about your upcoming projects?
Asha- Currently, I am busy with two upcoming projects by Sachin Yadav which is “Chandni Chowk to Mumbai” where I am playing a negative role and the other is “We are Duffers”. I hope, the audience would appreciate my work.

TM- Before we conclude, I would like to request you to tell our readers about your recent achievements and also give your message to our readers.
Asha- Recently, I was awarded with Naari Shakti Award with a category of Prestigious Glamour Fashion Model by Lions International Club on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day. It always feels great and honoured when you are appreciated for your hard work and when you are awarded on a special day, it obviously feels awesome. (Smiles)
I would like to say that no one should blindly follow anyone, one need to create his or her own identity. I guess, people who imitate or want to be somebody who already exists, they can never achieve what they want.

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