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From Russia to Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkey and India-people now witnessed not just their art forms, customs and culture but also their cuisines and traditional games.

Svetlana Zakharova and Tatyana Popova- the two names in the recent Metropolis-Urban Winter Festival, 2015 gathered a huge crowd. They performed some scintillating traditional and contemporary art forms of their region in the festival.

Their unique project “I am in the circle of my friends” became the best project of Russian Federation Youth forum “Seliger”. At different events, they invite other talents of the circle of friends – poets, musicians, dancers, etc. and give chance to everybody to show their talent.

            Q 1. “I am in Circle of My Friends” is becoming quite popular, what is it actually about?

Answer:(Tanya) “I am in Circle of My Friends” is an international exhibition and festival which was created in Siberia. It is basically a social project, where the participation is absolutely free for artists, and every person who take part in organization committee works as volunteers.  Our main goal is to present the works of the various artists to people from other countries, and vice versa. It was Sveta’s idea and it started with the exhibition of French painters, but as time passed, more participants from different parts of the world started taking part in it and this festival or exhibition grew day by day.


Q 2. We have observed that many kids have joined in the exhibitions. How does it feel when kids come up with amazing art works?

Answer:(Tanya) It feels great to see the young kids to come and participate and showcase their talent. Children are our future and we must take care of them and their artistic skills. And when they bring out their paintings, we get to know their perspective of seeing the world. Their paintings reflect their emotions towards their motherland. It feels amazing to see that kids understand so well about their motherland.

 Q 3. What is the motive behind these exhibitions?

Answer:(Tanya) Children are flowers and it is our responsibility to water them. When children display their perspective of their motherland, we connect to what they are actually trying to tell. And, it is our responsibility to boost their quality which is the main motive of these exhibitions.


 Q 4. How do you feel about Metropolis Urban Winter Festival?

Answer:(Sveta): Metropolis is like a country in another country. Metropolis is a country of talented people displaying their various talents. I love this kind of environment and feel very comfortable in such environment.

Tanya: I feel the same about metropolis. I was thinking that there is hardly any difference in youngsters. They think the same things, they feel the same feelings. I couldn’t differentiate between Russians and Indians.

 Q 5. How does it feel coming to India?

Answer:(Tanya) India is very close to me. I grew up surrounded by Indian movies because my Grandmother loved Indian movies. I have been dreaming about India since my childhood. When I was in University, I had an Indian friend. She used to speak so much about India that my fascination for India grew more and more. And now here I am, living my dream.

Sveta: Being in India has been an amazing experience and it is very fascinating. I am really liking India and its essence.



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