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There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”

George Bernard Shaw


International Trade fair

Food lovers in Guwahati, this year the best place for you to dig your hands and fill your stomach is the International Food festival going on in the International trade fair, Guwahati. A collage of variety of foods enthralled the visitors of the trade fair this year. Though the tagline of the trade fair read as “Make in India and Stride like a lion”, the food stalls broke all boundaries of caste, creed, religion and nationality. The food sections covered places like Rajasthan, Delhi, countries like Pakistan, Thailand etc and some local food outlets of Guwahati. Other than the food stalls, there were a number of shops from Rajasthan, Gujarat etc selling beverages and confectioneries.



International Trade fair

International Trade fair


Food is the most unifying force that connects people of the world. This is one thing in common that people love to do regardless of all barriers of age, caste or creed. The International food festival witnessed people from all walks of life having a great time in enjoying the delicious spread of food from all over the world. The International Trade fair started on 29th January and will end on 15th February.
-Rikhiya Chakraborty

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