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KARA Creative World (a Bangalore based branding and Media agency) and a Goan resort Palolem Tree House  recently organized  a Carnival in Goa with Magh Bihu as the theme. It was named as Aamez-the Eastern Carnival of Unity. The main idea of Aamez was to celebrate Magh Bihu in a different way keeping all traditional aspects unchanged.


 It was a cultural night exchanging the rich cultures of Assam and Goa. Assamese Bihu Dance, Goan Traditional Balance Dance Act and Indian   Classical Fusion music were the main attractions of the event. A meji bhooj were also arranged   where Mati Dail, Bilahi Dia Dail, Khar, Xoriyah Dia Maas, Bah Gaaj dia Murgi Mangso, Alu-Bengena Pitika, Na Saol’r Bhat etc were served.

 After the feast everyone had a group bihu dance. A small meji was burnt on the scenic Palolem Beach of South Goa.  After the meji burning the guests had a pure Assamese Breakfast with Pitha Ladu Chira and Doi. They also played Tekeli Bhonga Khel on the beach where many enthusiastic foreigners also participated.

During this Carnival various Assamese names like- Bhelaghor, Mejangkori, Jangphai, Borhomthuri, Buhidihing etc.  were used as the room names of Palolem Tree House. In this first season of Aamez people from Bangalore, Goa, Thane, Jodhpur, Belgium, Russia, Poland etc. participated. KARA Creative World is planning to organize similar seasons of  Aamez in different parts of India in near future. As per the organizers the main focus of Aamez will always be a cultural exchange between Assam and the Host State.


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