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 In a candid talk with Amrit Pritam Dutta, one of the most aspiring and talented Sound Engineer of Bollywood, Poulami Chakrabarty takes a sneak peek into his journey, hurdles and success.        


TM: Let me wish you the best wishes for your latest film, PK.

APD: Thank you for your wishes.



TM: From the streets of Jorhat to the gates of Bollywood, how has been the journey for you?

APD: I had to struggle a lot from the day I landed in Mumbai till I got the first job. I already had borrowed money from my friends and they invested a lot having faith in me, so, leaving everything and returning Assam was like losing the game. I chose to fight for what I was in Mumbai.



TM: Did you know that you would become a Sound Engineer?

APD: I never thought of becoming a sound engineer. For a year I was jobless, industry was cold with only two major hits – Dil Chahta Hai and Lagaan. I had to wait for the right time.



TM: What do you think has brought you here?

APD: Hard work and only hard work. Struggle in life never ends, just the pattern changes. First phase of struggle is to learn the art, then to perform better and then to sustain that quality of work.



TM: Reviving the Assamese film industry is a big challenge, what do you say on that?

APD: The technological mechanism needs to be developed. We need to learn from the other regional films too. Technical excellence is a crucial factor to make a good film. Quality and movement of the film attracts audience to watch it. Moreover, the script of a film must not be that of stage drama.



TM: Hailing from Northeast, narrate your tryst with racism that people from this region often face?

APD: Luckily, I have never faced such things. Thank God! (With a smile of contentment). Bombay is too busy for such notorious activities. People who commit racial offences are ignorant about Northeast and its culture. We are far ahead of them in many respect. I think the curriculum must include Northeast and its history.



TM: Who is your favourite singer from Assam?

APD: Aahh! The two famous icons -Zubeen and Papon.



TM: Your latest release is ‘PK’, what are your expectations from it?     

APD: Working with Rajkumar Hirani was great. He knows what he wants and is a real professional. We expect a lot from this film. Hoping for the best.



TM: How do you feel to be a part of the Oscar winning film, Slumdog Millionaire?

APD: It is a great feeling, being from Assam (Jorhat), and being a part of it is really a feeling that words can’t express. And working with Resul Pukooty is an experience of a lifetime.



TM: Any upcoming projects?

APD: I have two films coming up which I will start from January 2015.



TM: Your message to the youth.

APD: The young minds who desire to take up such profession must prepare themselves for intense hard work, which will have no fixed timing. It is very hectic in film industry. Nevertheless, hard work always pays with good rewards. And I wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all the readers and The Mileage team.


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