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BANANI DAS CHOWDHURY depicts some real life experiences here which testify the fact that the life indeed is the best opportunity. She appeals all those who have buried themselves into the quagmire of hopelessness and despair to awake and grab this opportunity with open arms…………..


“Winners never quit and quitters never win”.  Life provides us with a wide playground to take active part in it and prove that we are the winners, the epitome of strength and forbearance, over the googlies and bouncers of challenges, we are faced with everytime. No life is useless and ugly, every life is special and valuable. None can replace anyone in this world. All are unique and worthy in their own ways. But some people give up the faith in life and quit it. Suicide, an act of deliberately killing oneself is one of the leading causes of death across the globe and teenagers and youth are one of the most vulnerable groups adhering to it.


According to the first report of the World Health Organisation, Preventing Suicide – A Global Imperative, 8,04,000 people commited suicide in the world in 2012, and India recorded the highest number of suicides in Southeast Asia. The number of victims were 2,58,075, and the number of teenagers and youth ( 15-29years) were highest among them, at a rate of 35.5 per 100,000 people. It’s the second leading cause of death among the younger generation according to the report. According to the National Crime Bureau Records, during the decade 2003-2013, suicide rate increased by 21.6%, 1,10,851 in 2003 to 1,34,799 in 2013. The causes of suicide are varied – social, psychological, cultural, biological to environmental etc. Depression, frustation, failure in love, divorce, unemployment, family problems etc. are the key causes among the youth commiting suicide.


Putul, (name changed) choosed death over life when she did not do a satisfactory result in her HSLC Selection Test, two years back. The only child of her parents, she was always a bright student. But pressure to excel in the very first public examination in life, could not make her await to even perform at HSLC and unsatisfactory result in the selection test only cost her life. On the contrary, some years back, Pinky failed in her HSLC examination, but she did not give up, the next year she re-appeared and passed in flying colours and presently she have  joined in one of the leading banking organisation. Her perseverance and persistence has turned her failure into success. Debopriya during her graduation, could not perform well in the 1st year, got backs in the pass courses and did unsatisfactory result in major, but she worked harder, managing her 1st and 2nd year studies together and appeared the next year for both the year’s examination and passed in 1st class. Lets take every failure as an opportunity to learn and win and its only possible when we are alive.


We are testified by the different circumstances in life. But ending life is neither the answer to any question, nor a solution to any problem. Failing in relationships is another cause of commiting suicide among the youth. Kamia (name changed) was about to get married to her beloved, when suddenly she got dumped by him. She soon after that ended her life. She was doing great in her career, a vibrant personality. She, committing suicide was a great surprise amongst her known ones. In a similar incident, Sudesh (name changed) also was in love with his colleague, but she married someone else ditching him. Sudesh took death as the option to show his grievance. He was established in his career, the only son of his widow mother. On the other side, Madhusmita who also was ditched by her long term former beloved,  choosed the option of forbearance and opened up to life. “Fortune favours the brave”. Sometime later she got her soul mate and now happily married to him.


Unemployment and losing jobs are also another reason that causes suicide among the youths. Aman was unemployed for a longtime, everytime he met social awkwardness but never gave up on life; he got self employed and now earning more than what he could earn with a salary.


Problems in the family, according to the National Crime Bureau Records, accounts for highest (24%) of total suicide rates in India in 2013. Neha (name changed) was a divorcee staying with her parents and brother and sister-in-law, doing a job. Apart from the pain of being separated from her husband, some of the family members’ and relatives’ intolerant behaviours and comments every single day, took a heavy toll on her which made her end life.


One can prevent suicide by offering help in the form of a close confidant to those who are feeling depressed, frustrated and suicidal. We should share and care for them. Every time good or bad passes by. But life once lost can never be brought back. Ending life leaves a vacuum in the family. Faith and patience in life can turn every setback into an opportunity. We have the strength within us to win over any weakness that we are faced with. In the words of Swami Vivekananda “Strength is Life, Weakness is death”. Be bold and face life.

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