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‘Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world’


It is said that photography can speak a thousand words. Yet a thousand words may seem less to describe the art of photography. In the past, photography was accepted more as a hobby than a profession. But in today’s world of globalisation our views are changing. We have become more lenient towards unconventional professions. And photography is one of them.

Photography is an art of capturing images of anything under the sky with a camera. But a professional photographer does much more. Any professional photographer has the skill to put soul into a lifeless object, simply by playing with creative compositions and different camera angles. From happiness to gloominess, from cheerfulness to nostalgia, a pro level photograph can evoke any kind of emotions in the minds of the viewers.

Photography can be a glamorous career. A few institutes in Assam also provide professional training (degree/diploma) in photography. Having an academic degree in photography is an added advantage but to be a pro level photographer it is not necessary to have an academic degree. Passion, hard work, practice and positive attitude are the key words for photographers in the making. Internet is one of the best sources of study materials for amateur photographers. Various study materials including video tutorials are also available on the internet which can be used for self learning.

A pro level photographer can have diversified career options. In Assam, photo journalism is a widely accepted career. Photo journalism started way early during the nascent stage of media sector in the state. But now it is one of the most adventurous and promising profession. Due to the sizeable increase in newspapers and news magazines, windows have opened up for potential aspirants. In a way, it can be said that photo journalism is a viable career option not only in Assam but in the mainstream media.

Another fascinating career option in the field of photography is the fashion photography. Earlier fashion photography as a career had a very limited scope. But with a flourishing media sector and wave of social media, this industry can be considered as a booming sector of Assam. It is also seen that in many national reality shows, participants from Assam have been able to make a mark, which has also brought the fashion and entertainment industry of Assam even closer to the mainstream. These variations have added a zing to the already alluring career option making it a promising and viable choice.

Another sector with which photography goes hand in hand is advertising. In print advertising and social media marketing, a photograph is one of the most important elements that influence the target audience in many positive ways. Therefore, this industry also has a lot to offer to a photographer.

Event photography is yet another attractive career option for photographers. Many places in North Eastern region of India including Guwahati have become the hotbed of many music concerts, rock shows and many other entertaining events making it a feasible career option. Wedding photography, which was earlier not considered as alluring, has now being accepted as one of the most appealing career option. With many new talented photography firms on the rise, wedding photography has become a very glamorous and charming profession.

In a relatively short period, photography, as a profession has become one of the sensational and most sought after career in the state. Considering that an academic degree in photography is not mandatory to be a professional, it has become an attractive and popular career option for the younger generation.

“Photography is certainly a promising career, and interestingly if one loves it he or she can enjoy a lot while making a decent livelihood. But, it is equally important to study more and more to be good in this field. More you study, more you practice better, and more are the chances of your success”


Stephen Styris

Co-Owner/ Chief Photographer, Little Hands Production

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