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Making her way from the Malayalam film industry, she excelled not just in Bollywood but also did pretty well in Hollywood. Neha Dhupia, the actress who made her name with Julie, a suspense thriller is also a winner of Femina Miss India Universe 2002.
Paridhi Agarwal catches the former beauty queen in the green room of the Style cum Fashion Show organized by Lucky Sheikh in Guwahati and gets to know more about her visit to Assam.
Paridhi: Thank you so much for giving us some time to share your experiences.
Neha Dhupia: Most Welcome.
Paridhi: How does it feel to walk on the ramp on your first visit to Assam?
Neha Dhupia: (Smiles) Well, walking on the ramp for Assam, which is such a rich cultural heritage is a wonderful experience in its own. Of course, I am here for the first time but I have heard a lot about the place. It’s really nice to see the spirit for fashion in the people of Assam. I saw the ethnic attires and these are wonderful. Even, I loved the ethnic material which I am wearing now, it’s fabulous and gorgeous.
And, this definitely is my first visit but I promise this isn’t the last.
Paridhi: You have experience in both modeling and acting in the films. Many of our youths also aspire to become actors and models, what would you suggest them?
Neha Dhupia: It does not matter what someone wants to be, what matters is to how much one can do to reach that position. Besides hard work and intelligence, you also need passion. You should love your work. One should have a fighting spirit; thousands of people come to join Bollywood and leave. No one can become Shah Rukh Khan in one day, so just be passionate and get going.
Paridhi: What is your mantra for success?
Neha Dhupia: Success! I really don’t have any mantra. Sorry! (Chuckles)…
Paridhi: Your dance number in Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami is talked about a lot. How was the experience of doing Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami?

Neha Dhupia: (Smiles) I must say it was one of the toughest assignment of my life ever. I paid tribute to celebrated actresses like Helen, Madhuri Dixit, Zeenat Aman and Aishwarya Rai. I was very conscious about imitating dancer par excellence Helen.  It was a very challenging song where I had to copy the steps of legendary actresses.



Paridhi: We wish to see you soon again in the state in the days to come. Thank you for sharing your ideas and giving your time.
Neha: Most welcome and thank you so much. And of course I will surely plan to come back in Assam and buy some Assam silk.

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