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BHUPEN HAZARIKA – A tribute song

 A tribute song dedicated to the Maestro Dr. Bhupen Hazarika


Lyricist and composer: Chitra M. Baruah

Singer: Rahul Sinha

Music arranger: Anup Sarma

Director/Editor: Milton Alam

D.O.P: Zaheer Akram Bora

Production Team: Maqsood Ahmed, Anup Jyoti Koch, Rahul Sinha, Sandip Ghimire, Milton Alam, Zaheer A. Bora

Special Thanks: Kamal Kataki, Shantanu Hazarika, Sunil Sinha, Indra Mohan Nath, Ashutosh Sinha, Dr. Bedant Oinam


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