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Archive for September, 2014

  • Pushed to the wall

    Pushed to the wall

    Peeling the thick layers of negativities every single day is bringing me closer to the core of my entity where I always sought to be. Every day is a revelation. Making conditions favorable within me are helping in flushing out the powerful and all pervading fear and presumably incessant temptations and longing to the transient

  • Life on earth after 60-70 years….

    Life on earth after 60-70 years….

    Ananya Sharma The alarm rang at 7pm. It was 6th April 2080. Sam was reluctant to wake up. After enjoying 1 month vacation he did not wish to attend school from the first day itself. His mother brought him a glass of milk and reminded that it was his first day of high school as



                                                                 Ruth Hmar recounts the story of Pratik Bharali, a budding model and narrates about his indomitable spirit to stride ahead to achieve what he dreams off. We know things are done and forgotten. But there are few things done that should not be forgotten. When we speak of fashion industry today, where

  • Clicked and Decked

    Clicked and Decked

      Banashree Choudhary takes all those shopaholics on a tour here and enlightens them on how virtual market has enveloped all and sundry these days……………………… Shopping, has been and will always be a topic very close to the heart for all the female readers reading this along with the metro-sexual men who want to keep

  • For the Sake of Humanity

    For the Sake of Humanity

    Joon Da Emman Gunda, Ramdhenu, Risang, Kache Aesho Tumi has surely introduced the beautiful and versatile singer and an actor of the state of Assam. The heart throb of the young generation who is known for her more than thousand of concerts and also an awardee of ‘BEST FEMALE SINGER of ASSAM’, for the year



                                   Anupam Laskar narrates here the perplexing story of a person who performs some stunning tasks and who can tell the activities of a person without seeing him…………….. Promod Bezbaruah, to my utter surprise proved to be a man who made me realise that there is some reality in superstition. As I watched his

  • In conversation with a young entrepreneur

    In conversation with a young entrepreneur

      Out of the following main segments of tourism in Assam, namely, Wild life Tourism & Eco-tourism, River Tourism, Tea & Golf Tourism, Pilgrimage & Cultural Tourism, Rural Tourism & Heritage Tourism, River Tourism certainly holds a lot of promise.River cruises on the Brahmaputra from Guwahati, organized by the Govt and private sectors have become

  • Inculcating rich Indian Values

    Inculcating rich Indian Values

    During his tete-a-tete with Swami Dharmbandhu, founder of Shri Vedic Mission Trust, Bijoy Ghimire gets the opportunity to understand the mission and the very functioning of the Trust. Here in lies some highlights of his interaction with Swamiji. If one sometimes happen to switch on to the devotional channels in the TV sets, one would

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