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Summer Outfit Tips to Look 10 PoundsThinner

Chow Romi Gogoi

When it comes to summer and fashion, it often seems that all anyone can talk about is what your body looks like when you’re wearing as little clothing as possible. The much discussed “bikini body” is omnipresent, as are loads of wisdom nuggets and tips on how you can get one. Pish, posh—all you need to achieve the perfect bikini body is a really solid wardrobe. Yes, you can use your clothing to look svelte—and we’ve got 15 outfits that prove it! Read on for 15 summer-perfect outfits that will make anyone look 10 pounds thinner!


1. Contrast right at the waist

​Aside from tucking in at your natural waist, another great trick is to wrap your waist in a brightly colored belt or sash. If you can coordinate that color with an accessory,its better.

2. Layer an oversize crop top over a tank

For the brave and bold at heart, there’s the trick of layering an oversize crop top over a tank. It’s a curvy gal-friendly way to wear a crop top, and it minimizes your middle without showing too much.

3. A flouncy full skirt minimizes and masks

Tuck a classic screen tee into a flouncy full skirt to minimize your mid-section and conceal the sometimes troublesome hip and thigh area.

4. Mix prints like a pro

One print on top + a different one on the bottom = the best optical illusion your body could have asked for.

5. Midline zippers are your friends

A great A-line or sheath dress with an exposed midline zipper draws the eye to the centre of your frame, making you appear instantly thinner.

6. A great pair of high-waist shorts works wonders

A myth is that shorts can never be flattering. False! A well-fitting pair that hits right at your waist, paired with a classic white button-down blouse, makes you look slimmer.

7.Don’t fear a pair of much ripped boyfriend jeans

Ripped jeans are very on-trend right now, so look for a pair in an easy-to-wear boyfriend cut and the result will be an off-the-moment and slimming look.

8.Rock a classic A-line

The A-line dress should be your best friend. The figure-grazing middle makes your waist look small, the boxy upper minimizes, and the flouncy skirt conceals.

9.All black everything

When in doubt, opt for an outfit that’s entirely black from head to toe. Nothing slims more than the dark shade during summer.

10.Find your perfect LBD

It’s all about the LBD! Find one in a silhouette you love, then wear it all summer long, changing it up with varying accessories. You can thank us later.

11.Yes, vertical stripes work

It turns out your mother was right: vertical stripes really do lengthen and thins out your frame. If a full-on vertically striped look is a bit too much for you, reach for a top or pants in the print.

12.Toss a light jacket over your shoulders

If your problem areas tend to reside more in your breadth—in other words, your shoulders, upper arms, and back area—tossing a light jacket across your shoulders does worlds to melt off the pounds.

13.Throw on a shirtdress

Every stylish woman needs a shirtdress as a staple in her wardrobe. They never go out of fashion, and their flouncy yet crisp vibe flatters every body type.

14.Do not be afraid of bright colors and prints

We repeat: do not be afraid of bright colors and prints. Especially in a mini-dress or a matching set, these trends are assets. They dazzle the eye and distract it away from anything you don’t want people noticing.

15.The peasant sleeve is a secret weapon

Contrary to popular opinion, peasant sleeves can actually be very slimming. The trick is to reach or a mid-length option instead of a full or short sleeve.


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