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Madhusmita Borthakur

Madhusmita Borthakur

The world of music allures almost everyone and those who could make a mark in this field are really fortunate. Madhusmita Borthakur, who after leaving an indelible mark in the Assamese music industry is making inroads into Bollywood and could really catch the attention of prominent and leading film and music makers of Hindi Cinema. Her stunning voice has infact prevailed and has sung in movies like Rajdhani Express (Music –Ritesh Nalini) and Anurag Basu’s REAL FM and many other Hindi Movies. Pranami Das, the Mumbai correspondent of THE MILEAGE had a nice little chat with Madhusmita Borthakur where she talked about her musical career and her journey into the world of music.

TM: First of all, the entire team of THE MILEAGE congratulates you for your achievements in the music industry and wishes you all the very best.

Madhusmita: I thank the entire team of THE MILEAGE for showing me such love, support and blessings. Thanks Pranami for making me a part of THE MILEAGE.

TM: Most welcome! How did you get introduced to the world of music?

Madhusmita: Well a musical environment was always there in my home. My father who left us last        year was a true devotee of Srimanta Sankardeva and followed his religion by heart. We always used to   hear him sing sankari hymns and prays (Ghuxa and Naam Kirtan) in our residential naamghar. I think he   indirectly created a basic platform where I learnt the initials of music like sur and taal.

TM: When did you start your professional career as a singer?

Madhusmita: (Hmm)  How did I become a professional singer is hard to say, because I started singing since my childhood. When my age was around four my middle older brother was rehearsing with his band at our resident for a show and they were in search of a female singer. In the mean time they heard me singing something in the bathroom…. funny na? Yes, and they discovered me as their female singer. And I performed with them in that show. And since then there was no turning back.

TM: Do you have any formal training in singing?

Madhusmita: Yes I learnt classical music from late Shashadhar Bhagawati.

TM: Well, Madhusmita , tell us about your journey from Assam to Mumbai?

Madhusmita: Journey to Mumbai was a sudden decision taken by my husband soon after our marriage. I never dreamt of coming to Mumbai before that. But now I think that what has happened with me may be for something good.

TM: When did you do your first recording?

Madhusmita:  I did my first ever studio recording when I was in 5th standard.  Actually we were to act in a stage drama JALADASHYU ARU MOINA SORAI written and directed by one of our school teachers Mr Ranjan Jyoti Sarma Bordoloi.

TM: How was the feeling of getting nominated for Prag Cine Awards?

Madhusmita: I was excited when I came to know about it, as this was my first ever nomination for such a big award or you can say Assam’s most popular award. But I am very grateful to the jury members for choosing my voice as the best. Still I have miles to go and more to learn before I leave the terrestrial.

TM: You also have sung Bollywood numbers. How was the experience?

Madhusmita: I have sung for a couple of Bollywood projects till now. And some are yet to be released. It really gives me immense happiness to sing whatever it is. It may be regional or mainstream Bollywood singing. I have learnt many new things while singing for Hindi cinema, specially feel, expression, accent and proper pronunciation. Yeah! It is really  wonderful experience to sing Bollywood numbers.

TM: When and how did you get your first break in Bollywood?

Madhusmita: In 2012 I got my first break in Bollywood. Music director Ritesh Nalini approached me to playback for his movie RAJDHANI EXPRESS. It was the debut movie of Leander Peas. Ritesh is one of my good friends.

TM: Apart from Bollywood and Assamese songs, you also have sung some other regional songs too.         Tell us  something about that.

Madhusmita: Apart from Hindi and assamese I have rendered my voice for Punjabi movies like ASHIQUI NOT ALLOWED directed by Rakesh Dhawan. Another Punjabi movie named CHALLAH is yet to be released. Music for this movie is scored by the duo music director Sham-Balkar.

I playbacked for a couple of Bhojpuri movies like MARD NO 1, MR.TANGEWALA etc. A couple of films are going through post production process, and few more are yet to be released.
Recently I sang the title track for a daily soap in Finnish language with Hanna Pakarinen, who is one of the most popular singers in Finland. It’s a duet with Hanna and the music is a collaboration of both Finnish and Indian approach. Many of the instruments used in the song are Indian like harmonium,santoor,ravan hafta, bulbul tarang,bansuri etc.

TM: Can you please tell us something about your upcoming projects.

Madhusmita:  Recently I have recorded two duet songs for Ashok Kumar Bixoya’s upcoming Assamese movie KHEL. JILMIL JUNAK NIXA is an upcoming Assamese daily soap whose title track is sung by me. I have recorded for a few more Assamese movies but they are to be named soon. Most probably during the month of July I will dub a duet with Zubeen Garg in his upcoming Assamese film. Some of my other upcoming Hindi films are Jay ho democracy, Avadhi,Prem Pratigya etc.

TM: Which one is your favourite Assamese song sung by you?

Madhusmita:  Of course Okuwa Pokuwa from SHINYOR. It is a very beautiful song with lyrics by Ibson Lal Baruah and beautifully composed by Anurag Saikia. Okuwa Pokuwa brought me the first ever award as well as fame in my life.

 TM: Lastly, what would be your message to those upcoming singers who are struggling in small as well as in bigger cities like Mumbai?

Madhusmita: I am too small to advise (Laughs). The only thing I want to say to my music loving friends that enjoy singing and practice more, more and more….forget about the outcome and love music from the bottom of the heart (Smiles)

TM: Thanks a lot Madhusmita for having a chat and for giving me some time from your busy  schedule.

Madhusmita:  Thank you very much Pranami. It was nice talking and sharing my musical experiences with you. I am thankful to TM for having me as your guest. And I also wish THE MILEAGE to climb the pinnacles of success in the days to come.

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