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Dedication of a Teacher

Rudhir Prakash Sarma

Dedication lies in the heart of a man. Mr. Radheshyam Dayal is a man who not only does his job well but also with dedication. Presently, he is working as the Head Master of Government Upper Primary School, Dayawath village under Rajgarh Block of Churu District, Rajasthan.

A Photo of Head Master Radheshyam Dayal, courtesy Romen Ningthouja

Head Master Radheshyam Dayal

Right from dawn till dusk, he keeps himself busy in activities related to the school’s administration. He takes regular classes and is respected by students and teachers alike for his honesty, integrity and punctuality.

Though he is the headmaster, he is not averse to performing the duties of the watchman and sweeper when required. He arrives well before everyone and spends the entire day ensuring that the school functions in the way it should.

Head Master Radheshyam Dayal Ji seen cleaning the toilet in his school

cleaning the toilet in his school

It is indeed rare to find a teacher, leave alone a headmaster going to the extent of cleaning toilets in his school for the benefit of his students. But Radheshyam Dayal Ji falls in that rare category of men who believe in not only doing their job well but setting an example for the others around them by willingly walking that extra mile to make the lives of those around them better and more organised.

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