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Cry of an engineer, doesn’t it sound absurd? It does to some of you but not if you’re in a process of becoming an engineer.

Why does one choose to be an engineer? May be because he is interested in Science and Technology or may be because he is forced to be one. Interesting, isn’t it?

Since the first day of school till you gasp your last breathe, you are compared. The comparisons are often made by ones parent, members of the family and so called society who are involved in this unjustified comparison considering the fact that all individuals are distinctly different both biologically and psychologically.

You are young and all these things are out of your mind. A day comes, when you cross the first barrier i.e. the matriculation. This is when the comparing thing starts and in somebody’s case (Quite unfortunate ones) it rather starts from KG I.

Dad: – His son took up Science, he will either be an engineer or a doctor.

You: – Dad! I can’t.

Dad: – Keep calm! You can. Boy you are going to live our dreams. We couldn’t study but you’ll for us. We will feel proud amidst our neighbours.

Now, a question arises, who’s going to study, you or the society or your neighbours? And then without dissenting much you go on in accordance with the wishes of your parents. You take up Science even when you know that you can never cope up with it. You feel heavy, disheartened but wait! Something’s on your mind i.e. you need to make your parents feel proud. And you are burdened all the more then.

Finally! You complete your Higher Secondary and let’s not talk about the compartments. You feel that you’re not made for Science and you want to become a musician, the other one wants to become a writer whereas another wants to become a photographer.

What happens next?

You bury your dreams and why? Because your elders feel that either the engineers or the doctors earn respect and not the people from any other profession.

Oh! You are here, Mr. Future Engineer. How do you feel? You have no feelings now; you are forced to do something you never wanted to. Here, you learn to smoke, to get drunk and end up becoming an addict and not because you wanted to, but, because you wanted to kill your frustrations, to forget your dreams and desires, your happiness and those unexpected results.

Well! How much can you mug up? How long will you cope up? Aren’t you tired of everything? Don’t you want to give up? How about those shattered dreams? Tough studies, worries about jobs and placements, expectations, sadness, results, fears, discrimination, etc.

And at last if you overcome all these, you’ll be an Engineer or else you’ll be a history. This is how an Engineer is born. This is the cry.

Is it necessary to be an Engineer or an Doctor? Is it necessary to bury your dreams? Is it necessary to make everyone happy by making yourself unhappy? Even if you become successful, will you be happy? Why we are still trapped into this mess webbed by our parents?

Do we really live for ourselves? Do we? Do we?

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