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Madan Kamdev

Sujit Ranjan Kashyap explores here the significance of Madan Kamdev Archeological Site and how it can become one of the prime tourist destinations

Situated just 30 kilometers away from Guwahati, “Madan  Kamdev Archeological Site” can easily be termed as a vital tourist spot of Assam. This fascinating place of immense tourist attraction, which dates back to 10th-12th century A.D., is famed for numerous priceless archeological resources. The surrounding of this tourist site is located amid unpolluted natural landscapes with breath-taking scenic beauty. A large number of tourists set foot on this fascinating place to explore its incredible range of stone-made sculptures that showcases the glorious days of Pala Dynasty in ancient Kamrup.

In 1977, the State Archeological department of Assam carried out a massive excavation program in a remote area of Madankuri village in Kamrup district. As a result, the ruins of the main Madan Kamdev temple and 12 other small & huge temples were discovered. Moreover, a wide variety of decorative architectural pieces of stone-made sculptures, monuments, idols of the Hindu gods & goddesses and some other wonderful archeological objects were unearthedwhich shows the prosperity and might of the Pala Dynasty.

By observing these ancient temples and the idols engraved on the walls, one comes to the conclusion that these were built during the 10th and 12th century A.D. This amazing historic tourist place is only a few kilometers away from the small town of Baihata Chariali of Kamrup district.

The ruins of the Madan Kamdev Temple are scattered over a secluded place which spreads over a stretch of 500 meters. The embraced idols of Goddess Uma (another name of goddess Parvati-the wife of Lord Shiva) and Maheswar (another name of Lord Shiva) carved on the stones of medieval temples can be seen here. The main statues among there is that of Sun’s, Lord Ganesha and Vidyadhar found here.

According to the historical data, three Kamrupa kings belonging to the Pala Dynasty namely Ratna Pala, Indra Pala and Go Pala, were involved in the construction of the main Madan Kamdev Temple and other temples excavated here.

Statues of six headed Bhairava, four-handed Lord Shiva, six headed Lord Vishnu, Goddess Saraswati, Apsara (also known as the dancing queen of the Heaven), Kalpavriksha which were unearthed here at the time of massive excavation, today are a prime source of tourist attraction of this area.

According to mythology, Lord Shiva, in a spurt of fury, had burnt the God of Love – Kamdeva or Madan to cinders. Later Madan took a rebirth at this place.

Right below the temple, river Madankuri flows in the east and towards the north, just beneath the hill is a vast stretch of swampy land which has the chain of  hills of Gopeswar from the north to west and Changsari, which is a commercial place situated in the outskirts of Guwahati, in the east. The scenic beauty of the Gopeswar hill is indeed beautiful and charming to be amazed for the nature lovers. The melodic chirping of birds, some of which are migratory, makes the environment of this unique tourist spot pleasant and enjoyable as the visitors feel relaxed after setting their foot here.

A small archeological museum and two small archeological gardens have been set up in and around the main tourist spot. There are also rooms available for arranging picnic party beneath the main temple. This tourist place remains jam packed on the first day of January every year.

After viewing the incredible ruins of this fascinating tourist spot, it can be easily inferred that among all the temples of medieval period existing in the Brahmaputra valley, the Madan Kamdev Temple possesses an incomparable structure and unblemished attraction.

There still exists the possibility of excavating the ruins of 12 more temples in and around the Madan Kamdev Archeological Site. Who can imagine what mystery and amazing story still remains beneaththe earth of this tourist place? So, the Archeological Department of Assam should start a massive excavation in this area as soon as possible. If the same is done, this historic tourist place will occupy a leading position in the Global Tourism Map and be known as one of the important Archeological Tourist Hubs in India.

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